pride and time1 (2)

I was lucky to get hold of these two stone pieces the other day. The pic doesn’t do them justice. They’re much bigger than they look here and weigh a ton. The best part was that they cost me next to nothing. Happy days – I like them, I just don’t know exactly why although I am hoping that they sit up and smile sometimes letting me know when they like my music – like a barometer lets you know changes in the weather. I’ve named them Lana and Imogen after two artists I respect. They do add a bit of art to an otherwise dull area. I keep them on the floor in the middle of the attic studio. I’ve only tripped over them one time so far.

Another song from the new ‘Devil’s Kiss’ album. This one is called ‘Shadow On The Wall’, a remake of a demo I made a while back. I’d been under pressure to re-record and produce a proper version for some time. Here it is. I hope you enjoy;

If you’re interested in my album the download is here – Devil’s Kiss at BANDCAMP or, for just £5 or equivalent in other currencies worldwide. Also, my complete discography – all 5 albums – can be purchased at £16 (a 50% saving on individual prices) at BANDCAMP

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57 thoughts on “SIT UP & SMILE

    1. I was thinking about a song as well. I think they are two poses of the same person. Sad looking. A protest like global warming with her the last person on the planet was where I got with it. A reflective instrumental ~ George

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    1. Thank you. They are nice pieces. The ‘Shadow on the Wall’ song was originally a demo I used on a concept album at university regarding Plato’s ‘Allegory of The Cage’ so I couldn’t really give the stone ladies credit for it. A bit of a shame really – I like your idea ~ George

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  1. Wonderful efforts for devil’s kiss but seeing that image i think about of Adam and Eve(Havva)who was punished to go from heaven to earth when God had punished them.are you agree.plz reply.beautiful song and music of devil’s kiss.🌹

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      1. WOW! No, I’d never seen that- thanks for sharing the link, that’s pretty amazing! (And now I’m thinking that should somehow get worked into Music Class next year…)

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