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I can’t stop myself thinking about plastic. Boring but true. Like having a song on a loop inside your head, plastic has got under my skin. It’s like I’ve been set up to hate the stuff. That’s a good thing. Media sometimes does that. Not always. As a result I’ve ended up with a small portfolio of short verses on the subject of plastic. This is one of them. Who knows, maybe a song one day.

 Snow drifts in deserted deserts

No more rain on London Town

The sky is one big rainbow

The moon’s a circus clown


Seen enough; done enough

Don’t want to see no more

The tree of life died today

Drowned in a sea that has no shore


Seen enough; done enough

Don’t want to see no more

Planet Earth’s been renamed Planet Plastic

A blue, blue balloon time can’t restore

A song from the new album, ‘Devil’s Kiss’. This one is called, ‘Pride & Time’. My guitar got hooked on American style when I was composing this one. Hope you enjoy;

If you’re interested in my album the download is here – Devil’s Kiss at Bandcamp

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39 thoughts on “PRIDE & TIME

      1. It is my pleasure my dear. I like your blog very much. Keep on the good work. Morover you are very supportive for me. I really appreciate that.

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  1. I’m going to have to give you a listen. I’m in the odd space of preparing to shut off the internet in my home in order to reconnect with the world. At the same time I’m using the web in coffee shops all the time. Guess I need to buy some earbuds.

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    1. Thanks for that. ‘Coffee shops and earbuds’ – there’s a song in that somewhere. I’m not sure what we call earbuds in England, but a great word to know. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George


    1. Thanks once more, David. I hope you’re liking the album. Ever since I got hold of my American Telecaster I’ve noticed it has a mind of its own. It’s like it’s telling me music styles per State not just America as a whole. Interesting creatively. It’s teaching me a whole new genre guitar wise. As far as Trump is concerned – a bit like the Brexit morons of England – I’d like it if the great American band ‘Greenday’ were releasing ‘American Idiot’ right now. I guess wherever you live on the planet there’s Idiots in control. The US deserves better, that’s for sure. Thanks again ~ George


  2. Ah, we have this in common then. I have not been able to stop thinking about it for the last 30 years, George! And I have finally decided to try and do something about it. I’ll let you know how it turns out. :0)

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      1. Initially, that’s true, George, but there’s been lots of time to see the big picture and correct course. That takes effort and sometimes additional funds, something no one wants to do. The adage, there’s not time to do it right but always time to do it over is basically where we are with our environmental thinking. I was on a fascinating webinar run by a company called GreeBiz yesterday that had speakers from different companies who were taking sustainability and plastics recycling seriously, so there are some great minds working on things. We’ll need to shift our focus as a society and that takes time, but what choice do we have?

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      2. I agree with you totally, Pam. I did hear – can’t remember exactly where – that some plastic can be reused rather than just left rotting away poisoning everything, for road building material. I can’t get my head around how that works but if it’s correct maybe a mix of recycling the existing stuff and banning the new might be an answer. Where there’s money to be made business sometimes find a way. Whatever way we go it’s a disaster. On the news today a whale got washed up on a beach, dead and its stomach full of the plastic. that killed it. Whale’s are getting a bad gig, what with fishing and plastic. As my old dad says, ‘It’s all gone horribly wrong.’ ~ George

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  3. You and Blondie could have a long talk about plastic. She gets really worked up at the sight of garbage on the ground or in the ocean. Nothing wrong with getting fixated on it–petitions can be made to halt plastic bags being used in shops, which I think could have a huge impact on our plastic garbage.
    Anyhoo, this guitar sounds GORGEOUS. Acoustic, yes? Very rich sound. Earthy, grounded. xxxxx


  4. Really enjoy your song “pride and time,” also I am angry about plastic. Was reading in National Geographic and elsewhere how each of us is ingesting thousands of particles of plastic per year. They’ve banned plastic bags at supermarkets in certain places in California for a while now, and I hope that trend continues but it’s not fast enough. We reuse cloth bags. There’s the Pacific garbage patch the size of the state of Texas? Or bigger? It Terrifies me. I believe there was a young Dutch inventor, Boyan Slat, with a plan to resolve the Garbage patch. Maybe there are also fungi that can eat plastic safely which I have read about as well. I have some hope but the picture is grim.

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    1. Thanks Ka. Glad you like the song. Plastic is a real curse. In France the other day I got my one and only takeaway. Every single bit was wrapped in plastic when a paper bag could have done the same thing. Odd. I’ll get around to writing The Plastic Song soon. So far it’s not the song I want. Thanks again ~ George


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