white cliff‘View From Above’

Strange things happen. Take yesterday. I’m invited to join the parents for breakfast at a café overlooking the sea. I get these invites once, sometimes twice a week. Sat outside, the sun shining for once, you can see France clearly on days like this. I’m eating my poached eggs on toast. We’re chatting about stuff. Everything is good. Then it goes pear shaped. The old man says, ‘I don’t need this.” I say, ‘Don’t need what?’ He says, ‘It’s that God squad nuisance I met in the car park the other day. He’s just turned up here. He must have more front than Buckingham Palace.’

I look round and there the bloke is. Dressed smart. He’s invading the space of ladies trying to enjoy their coffee, going table to table putting his face right smack in their faces as he chants, ‘God loves me’ on a loop. The ladies all stay shtum for some reason. The old man is coming to the boil. Shaking his head. The nuisance spots him; comes over, chanting all the time and gets as close as he dares to dad who’d read him his fortune last time they met. The old man starts to stand up, but the nuisance then spots my mother who’s now got her head buried in a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. He decides to go face to face with her and miming her smoking, taking make believe puffs through two fingers holding an invisible fag, but now chanting, ‘God doesn’t smoke’. The old man goes, ‘Right I’ve seen enough. You, my friend have offended these lovely ladies, offended me and now my missus’. He’s about to give the bloke both barrels but my mum is already on his case. He’s back giving it the ‘God loves me’ chant even though she’s now got her face in his, doing what she does best. Defeating the bully. When she’d finished with him and given him her version of ‘go away’ he ran off back to his brand new BMW parked around the corner. He wasn’t chanting anymore either. Mum gets a few cheers and a round of applause.

Personally, I think people should believe in whatever they want to believe in. Just keep it to themselves and give up on the idea of trying to convert others. That way we’re not at war with each other. At least I’ve got a possible lyric out of it.


Your dreams turn into nightmares

Your nightmares into dreams

Your mindset fixed on messaging

Your demon’s latest schemes


Face to face you try to charm

And hypnotize the snake

With words thrown like a dagger

That’s your big mistake


Maybe you’ve got a death wish

Maybe you swallowed a bitter pill

Out there offending the innocent

Are you doing it for the thrill?


In a song I wrote back when

A song that fits the way that you must feel

I said, ‘You’re like a scarecrow on the gallows’

And believe me that’s, ‘No big deal’

Time for a song, ‘Hooked’ from my Rainbows End album. It’s in praise of nuisances wherever we may find them. I hope you enjoy;

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  1. Loved this story but wish I had details on what she said, it might work here! ; ) I was looking up George Carlin quotes for today and saw one that would fit well here. It is about worshiping the sun. No offense intended to anyone. Great lyrics!

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  2. I like your philosophy of believing whatever one wants, but not trying to convert others. How many millions have been killed in the name of religion? “Ours is the one true God”

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    1. Thanks, Lee. What you said is true enough. One God, loads of God’s, no Gods. It doesn’t really matter to me what people follow so long as it’s no me ~ George

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  3. Hooray for mum! I just don’t know why there are people like that. Maybe he checks on people who juuuussst might be needing a reminder or something – but in a really annoying way. That way, it would be more of a wake up call. I don’t know. Sometimes, it’s best to just ignore them.
    Probably in need of a hey-i-annoyed-a-lot-of-people-relaxing-at-a-cafe high 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Thanks. I just think nutters will always be nutters. It’s just a bit more annoying when they want to include the rest of us. At least I got some words to write out of it. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. The breakfast thing is my freebie of the week. I got another one today only because they were off to the same cafe where the nutter had been. Just like you, I thought if only he’d show up. He didn’t. The mushrooms were good though ~ George

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      1. Thanks for that. A kind offer. I’ve now got access and will sort it out tomorrow. Today I’m releasing my new music/song collection/EP. I wish I’d known earlier as your pics would have made fantastic cover art for the EP. Just my luck! Anyway, thanks again ~ George


  5. JGC, real life happenings prove to be good inspiration for creativity! Great title, “Wrong Direction”, congratulations on the possible lyric, it’s always nice to walk away with something. Such a terrific photo capturing a spectacular view, haha, “View From Above” works beautifully with your post! Please have a wonderful weekend! ~ PM

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    1. Thanks, PM. The bloke had a flat face – like a china plate for sale on eBay or the lead zombie from an infection. It’s been playing on my mind. The pic was from a cafe garden. Definitely a ‘don’t look down’ moment. You have a great weekend as well, PM. My one is all about getting some new music out there. I think I’ll enjoy it once the stress of getting it all together disappears. More on that when it happens ~ JGC

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      1. You’re welcome, JGC. A plate-face! Your story reminded me of a line from a Bukowski poem.

        “. . . those who preach god, need god . . .”
        — Charles Bukowski, The Genius Of The Crowd

        I hope the, ‘getting it all together’ is going smoothly. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. ~ PM

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  6. Ha! I’m vaguely reminded of the Genesis song “Jesus He Knows Me.” I’ve never understood how getting into people’s faces with faith; it’s the equivalent of being a Stooge with a cream pie. It’s one thing to see someone upset, and sitting down and talking to them and eventually bringing up faith THAT way, but just barraging people with it? Ugh. Swear, that shit gives mostly-sane Christians a bad name…

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    1. The whole ‘be like me’ culture whatever belief or no belief for that matter just does my brain in. I don’t even know if that bloke was Christian. He probably was but whatever he is I think he needs help. Sick in the head. Sad really ~ George

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      1. Peer pressure’s a bitch in any group, George, make no mistake. Lord knows I’ll be dealing with it in spades as the kids get older. All the more reason to keep the kids *out* of all the insane trends (like toys of glittering poop. No, I’m not joking.) and let them enjoy what they want to enjoy because THEY enjoy it, not because The Mob says to enjoy it.

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    1. Thanks, Eugenia. The more I think about it the more I think the guy needs professional help. He got noticed but not in the way he wanted. I was proud of my mum for sorting out what others were to frightened to do themselves. Thanks again ~ George


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