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A few weeks back I got my father, and fellow blogger Mike Steeden a DNA testing kit for his birthday. I thought it would make for an unusual present. He takes a saliva sample and the kit gets sent off to the lab in America, Texas I think, and there they conduct an analysis of his DNA and end up telling him his origins. He’s always presumed he was probably ‘Norman with a hint of Anglo-Saxon’ – his words.  He tells me the results have just come in. How wrong he was. Rounding the numbers up, he’s 75% Northern European; only 15% English and 10% Scandinavian.

So, he’s now proudly claiming that he must be – his words – ‘Viking with a goodly chunk of my beloved Mother Russia’. He’s thrilled about it. He’s got a Cossack hat already so he’s looked the part for ages.

My mum asked him if the Viking bit was the reason he’s always trying to rip her clothes off, steal her money and set fire to the house. We had a laugh about that.

I’ve now ordered a kit for mum. When her results come back I’ll put the two analysis’s together and know who I am.

Changing the subject, I found a scrap of paper when I was tidying my attic studio the other day. Reading it I realized they were the random words I played around with before writing the final lyric version of my song ‘Silent Films’. Odd feeling, discovering them again. They’re pretty meaningless but they show that songs have ‘origin’ as well.

Silent someone

Do I know you?

I can’t see you that well

No sound from your voice

No silhouette under streetlight

You’re lost in old scenes

From movies that I’ve dreamed

Silent, so silent

Your memory is fading

Here’s the song itself, from my ‘Rainbows End’ album. If you’re interested in downloading any of my albums or the whole disicography they are ‘page right’. Just hit the pic to open the link. Anyway, I hope you enjoy;

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45 thoughts on “THE RUSSIAN VIKING

  1. The DNA tests are quite the thing now. I wonder if Ancestry testing results are being hoarded in a massive
    information-gathering operation. Of course I’m paranoid, I’m an American! Don’t be concerned though. 🙂
    Love the music George, love these lyrics. Great stuff.

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    1. Thanks, Holly. I guess that that is a possibility. I think judging things like how DNA can predict how long you’ll live would be a bad thing for insurance premiums and stuff like that, but origins wise I’m not too worried – unless Hitler gets reborn! Thanks again ~ George

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      1. I read about the insurance and other stuff that might leak out when I was reading reviews for the DNA kit. The lot I bought it from seem proper people – I’m just hoping the knock at the door I just heard doesn’t mean the KGB are waiting outside ~ George

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    1. Thanks. It’s good there’s not a hash tag in front of the ‘me too’. Sorry, I have these random thoughts. Thanks again, appreciated ~ George


  2. “My mum asked him if the Viking bit was the reason he’s always trying to rip her clothes off, steal her money and set fire to the house. We had a laugh about that.”

    I had a great laugh at that too 🙂 My kind brother gifted me a DNA study, it came back 75% Northern European and 10% UK (principally London) — not so far off from your dad’s 15%.

    Thanks for the laugh and the music, George 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading, Bill. My family are nutters. Anything for a laugh people. Glad you found them funny. By the look of the stats you and dad could be kin! Believe me, you wouldn’t want that unless madness also runs in your family ~ George

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  3. I had a friend who had DNA testing done and he turned out to be a pretty mixed bag racially. When he told me that I laughed and told him he only needed to look in the mirror to know that. He laughed and agreed with me. i also laughed about your Mum’s comments.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. These DNA things are interesting. It’s got me wondering if the gypsy called ‘Eliza Mean’ dad discovered when working on the family tree came from Russia or nearby. She’s his/mine great, great – lots of great – grandmother from back in 1780. Odd. ~ George

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  4. I can just picture your dad in a corner with some kindling and matches, and your mum going “Miiiiike!” and cue the canned laughter and a goofy look from your dad.
    Or that’s just the influence of the American sitcom influencing my reaction. 🙂
    Everything’s got a seed, even songs and stories. Sounds like you found the walnut shell of your song: still sweet, still interesting, but not the same as what finally grew from it.

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    1. Thanks. He also tells me that since he’s had the time to read the DNA stuff properly he has matches – thought to be 1st cousins twice removed all over America. I’m trying to work out what a 1st cousin twice removed would be called from my perspective, but can’t ~ George

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      1. NO KIDDING! Like, I haven’t been in touch with my own cousins now in ages, but I *am* in touch with my godmother, who is my *dad’s* cousin. We’ve seen my dad’s aunt and cousins and THEIR kids more often than our own actual kin. So…they’re second cousins twice removed? I have no idea what to call them either, apart from “my godmother’s clan.” Works for us. 🙂

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  5. My family did the DNA tests and it was so interesting how different my brother and I were based on the distribution of genes we inherited from our parents. Our genetic makeup is a little different than our ancestry since some genes get weeded out through the generations, even though our ancestral history is still there. I love your mom’s comment about your dad! Ha.

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    1. Thanks. From what you say I’m guessing my theory of adding mum’s DNA results to dad’s then dividing by 2 won’t necessarily give an accurate result for me. I’ll have to have a good think about this. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. Yes, that’s true. My brother’s DNA came back 95% UK, and mine was all over the world. My mom is partly Southeast Asian and neither of us inherited those genes. The biology of it sorts out differently from the ancestry. Your parents’ DNA will give you a glimpse of your family’s origins even if you don’t inherit the specific genes yourself. It’s great fun.


    1. Thanks, Leo. Your comment didn’t come up on my Reader. I only just found it in my email. I hope your DNA comes out the way you want it to. Mixing my my mothers – her results just came back – I’ve a good amount of Balkan in my DNA with my father’s who has buckets of Russian in his it’s all fascinating stuff, for sure ~ Zoolon aka George


      1. No worries Zoolon aka George. You have a fascinating DNA history for sure, I don’t think mine will be quite so intriguing but you never know. My brother thinks we may have Romany blood – well, we’ll soon find out. Thank you and kindest regards


  6. My mom wants to do the DNA. It took me 16 years to find her biological mother. I know she would love receiving the kit as a surprise 🙂 Jen P.S. Love the song! I also play around with words. On my last poem (Find Me),and true dream, the last line under Find me was not suppose to be on there. I just forgot I had wrote it.

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    1. Thanks. Sometimes lines not supposed to be there are the best lines. I’ve sung a line at the end of one of the new numbers Zoolon is releasing this weekend has the same thing. When I thought about it, I loved it. Odd but good. The DNA thing was a great present, I think. Hope it works out for your mum. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I wasn’t born back then but do sometimes play around with the retro feel. Stringed instruments I pretty much play any which way the art needs. Saying that, please don’t think I’m boasting – I hate egotist stuff. If you want to stream any of my music for free – many different genres in song and instrumental – you’re welcome to dip into Thanks again for commenting ~ George


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