folkestone sand‘Why?’ 


Kicking the can

Back to where it began

Turning the clock back in time

Photograph’s lies

Memories surprise

Words mostly choose not to rhyme


Harmony stays neutral

Choruses truthful

Verses are brutal or kind

Sad chords lost in sea mist

Melody dismissed

Rhythm? Rhythm gets left behind


Pieces of beach stone

Hearts still beat on their own

Broken, immune and alone

Hate costs you nothing

Love comes at a price

 Marmalade cliché’s atone

Believe it or not this sings OK.  Some music. Today ‘Hidden Beneath’. Hope you enjoy;

Lastly, a vid. Unusual things I’ve done with a Ping-Pong ball;

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48 thoughts on “MARMALADE CLICHÉ

      1. Yeah. Dundee was once the city of the three J/s jute jam and journalism and marmalade was the jam .Some local wifey was credited with inventing it but the reckoning is the recipe already existed, the product existed, what she did was set up a biz.

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  1. I feel like this needs to be sung with a lonely piano…in French. Not sure why French, but something about the language fits sad singing.

    Random sidenote: Have you ever listened to Thomas Yorke? He did the soundtrack to the Suspiria remake, and the song he sings on it (“Suspirium,” I think) reminds me of your style. xxxxx

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    1. I liked the Thomas Yorke number. It reminded me of Nico on the Velvet Underground. I like that old stuff. At the moment I’m seeing Marmalade Cliché with a few more ‘music terms’ in rhyme a bit like Paul Simon’s ‘At The Zoo’ number. Bouncy. Although your idea is much more in the genre I work in. I suppose I’m looking for a lighter type track but as ever with me that could well change along the way. My decision making is not all that good right now for reasons unknown.
      Also, have you ever listened to the best sound art/experimental songwriter Imogen Heap before. If not here’s a link.
      Or her invention of musical gloves;

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      1. I’m glad you liked it! I think I’m in a nexus of bittersweetness right now because of Holy Week–it’s a time of year I’m starkly reminded of the loved ones gone.
        There’s nothing wrong with finding some lighter paths to walk, so forge on! I’ve not listened to Imogen Heap in a long time. Perhaps it’s time I returned to her… 🙂 xxxxxxx

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  2. JGC, wonderful photo, “Why?” “MARMALADE CLICHÉ” is an terrific lyric, I like how you’ve isolated and given meaning to things that are generally the parts of an entire package. My favorite two lines,

    “Hate costs you nothing
    Love comes at a price”

    “Hidden Beneath”,is perfect for this post. Every time I watch your fantastic Ping Pong video I wonder how long it took to put together.

    Have a good Tuesday. ~ PM

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    1. Thanks, PM. I think I need to pad out the middle part with things to do with music. A bit like Paul Simon’s ‘At The Zoo’ song. A happy song that packs a punch at the end. The early vids took about half a day to do. The rest of the day editing. I’m missing Photoshop but it was costing nearly a grand a year and I wasn’t using it anything like enough. I’d like to make more but it’s cheaper to get someone else to do it but I’ve never liked the results I get. I might have to dig deep and go back to the start. As a student the cost was next to nothing. Thanks again, PM and enjoy your day ~ JGC

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      1. You’re welcome, JGC. Looking forward to hearing the future padded version. I agree, why pay someone to do something you wouldn’t be happy with and could and can do better yourself. I imagine it would be worth the investment if you were creating a lot of these sorts/types of videos. Thank you, enjoy your Wednesday. ~ PM

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    1. Thanks. Not so much the fame I want. The goal is the compose for TV/movies simply because composing is the thing I enjoy most. I live in hope. Sometimes it’s moving in the right direction. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I marketed Hidden Beneath to Scandinavian dark crime producers. No luck that time, but maybe one day I can get into that market. It’s suits my instrumental style. I just need it to suit their’s ~ George

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