herodotusZoolon’s new bin ‘Herodotus the Bin’

Some music. A 60 second guitar improvisation rendition of “Time” by Hans Zimmer. I hope you enjoy;

Other things in my life;

rainbow carpetA few posts back I put up a pic of a what I thought was a lost rainbow on the carpet here at home. Today I find three baby rainbows on the same carpet in the same room. Are they breeding? Am I missing something? Big question.

Next, something else I want answers and solutions for.

tree netting

The Wildlife Aid charity says this netting in Guildford was put in place to stop birds nesting so that the trees can eventually be removed – pic and quote from BBC News 

I was watching the news on TV. As I understand it this ‘tree netting’ idea is going on big time all over the country this year. It’s Spring. Birds need nests. A no-brainer. From now to late summer nests are vital. Get rid of the tree nets. If contractors want to kill trees to build houses then at least wait until the birds move on – besides there are thousands of empty shops in High Streets all over the place that could be converted to homes cheaper, quicker and easier than building new homes. 


Have you heard the word out on the street?

That there’s always a victory in a defeat

Cold comfort on an angry grey cloud day

A sap stained pavement’s tree blood cabaret


Who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs?

Who drunk from The River of Life and left the dregs?

The writings on the wall I hear you say

You must be joking, woodlands never live to fight another day


Can you show me how what you stand for is not a crime?

In words that I can sing that mostly rhyme

I’ll write you a ballad you’ll never get to hear

I’ll click my fingers and make the whole world disappear


Next, ‘A Life’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. I’ve decided that this number will always be in praise of trees;

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    1. It is truly disgusting, Lady Yasmin. How can they do that to birds and trees just to build new houses when all over this land there are hundreds of empty houses begging to be renovated. ~ George

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  1. I am stunned and disgusted by the tree netting! WTF??? In an era when we are loosing species every day and birds are so important for our survival. Did these developers ever hear of the canaries down the mines? I am ….very angry to see this. Thanks for the music to counteract this anger.

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    1. Thanks. It makes me angry as well. What started it – the contractors say – is that the Government have them under pressure to build new houses but this shortcut is out of order. I’ve decided to stay angry and active on this matter. Thanks again, Anne ~ George

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  2. JGC, how sad for the birds, where are the tree-huggers to put a stop to the tree removals? I don’t know the rationale behind the birds and trees, however is seems questionable decision making in regard to the ecosystem. This does appears to be an ‘EVERYTHING & NOTHING’ situation, perfect lyric. I love the photo of the rainbow orbs on the carpet, beautiful. ‘A Life’ is and has always been a favorite of mine. Please enjoy the rest of your Sunday! ~ PM

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    1. Thanks PM. Basically the law says that contractors cannot chop down a tree if birds are nesting in it. So, they put the net round the tree and kill it when they fancy. Scientist say, ‘In their own way, plants can see, hear, smell, feel and it is possible they even have a memory. Trees can communicate with each other too; using mycorrhizal fungi, their roots exchange information and even goods to other trees in need. Obviously trees don’t have brains, but some believe that trees may have something akin to a nervous system and produce some of the same hormones that animals do.’ The tree-huggers from Totnes are out there protesting and a petition has gone to Parliament who I heard are taking it seriously. I signed up although I can’t see myself in one of The Old Man’s tree-hugging skits. Surreal Monday has begun. Enjoy ~ JGC

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      1. You’re welcome, JGC. If we look at Kirlian photography and the phantom leaf, we realize there are no absolutes. Are trees sentient beings? I’m happy to read the tree-huggers are hugging trees. Indeed surreal Monday has begun and off to a good start. ~ PM

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  3. I’m horrified by the nets. What a cruel and horrific thing to do. Disgusting.

    I loved your music. Just wonderful. The one dedicated to trees was so soothing and lovely, like swaying branches. Enjoyed watch you play…again, great music.

    The nets need to come down. Now we even own the airspace and birds have no rights. Really, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

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    1. Thanks. It’s all about shortcuts at nature’s expense. Disgusting. There’s a big petition going on in the UK. Parliament will act on this I hope and ban it. This all supports my theory that animals best people ~ George


  4. Sad state of things with tree nets, home building and all. I agree that developers should look a converting empty buildings into housing, but it’s probably less hassle to net trees, cut them down, and build new than deal with the regulations involved with converting commercial space to residential. Just guessing on that one. I really like the improve. Cool Epihpone 335 style guitar. It has a really nice sound.

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    1. Thanks, Tim. I couldn’t agree more. If it wasn’t that I have music I think I’d give up on everything. Here in the UK the High Streets have masses of empty shops with empty flats above. The resolution of housing problem is right in front of them. Anyhow, thanks again ~ George

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  5. Your music is beautiful and ethereal as always. The poem brought tears to my eyes. About the trees, I’m hoping the petition puts a hold on it; until then there are other ways to remove the nets… Here they came up with a hare-brained idea of building “turtle fences”. I kid you not. They lined the marshland with mesh fences, paid for by the government!, along the highways, so the turtles can’t cross and get to where they lay their eggs. Also, they are now digging ditches so deep that when the turtles go in and try to climb up to get across the road they can’t. WHY are humans so hell-bent to be at war with the rest of nature?

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    1. Thanks. I read that some of the construction companies have taken the nets away so it looks like better things are on their way. ‘Turtle fences’ sound like death traps. We lose a lot of badgers in the UK. They build a road across the fields and the badgers just get run over. ‘WHY are humans so hell-bent to be at war with the rest of nature?’ – good question. I wish I knew the answer ~ George

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  6. Beautiful little rainbows. I love your concern for the trees being netted. Our weekly local paper had an interesting article last week about trees being cleared to care for dams in a stream. They only cut down dead trees or choose to do the tree cutting in late winter before birds begin to nest.

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  7. Hans Zimmer, eh? This sounds beautifully subtle…I always hear Zimmer and think harsh choral chords and swelling brass…
    And tree nets. Good Lord. They cut down half the trees in my town, but that was because of an internal infestation of an invasive insect species (the ashborough–nasty thing). Those trees need to go. YOUR TREES DON’T. Sigh…

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