So, my father writes a book and expects me to reblog it. It’ll cost him.


fanny actual book cover

Good Lord, I’m quite taken aback. My latest book has only just this minute been listed on Amazon and look at all these fabulous reviews and messages I’ve received from the fabled and the famous. These are just a mere sample.

Marilyn Monroe: “I can’t thank you enough, Michael. It’s about time the truth was told. Yes, to my shame my life was blighted by flatulence, although in fairness such gusts of malodorous wind emanating from my BTM did ensure me iconic status when I released a smelly humdinger of colossal proportions and as a result my little white dress blew up while I was standing over an ineffectual subway grate in New York on the set of ‘The Seven Year Itch’ movie. I can’t thank you enough for including the tale of my dire plight when writing this book, a frankly outstanding piece of modern English literature.”


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19 thoughts on “FANNY, I THINK OF YOU OFTEN

  1. I am not only awed by FANNY, I THINK OF YOU OFTEN, but freakishly inspired by the author’s first-person accounts of actualities candidly reported — a fan(ny) if you will. Many documentarians play fast and loose with the facts; however, M. Steeden participated in the lives of famous personages, he bears witness. The canny reader does not allow proof to be lost in details, this is an author familiar with every salient moment — exhaustively recounted and accurately related.
    I am not afraid to inform one and all that M. Steeden *created* the field of Gonzo Journalism, a lucrative concept misappropriated by Hunter S. Thompson.

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    1. I’ll tell him your kind words. All my growing up life he told me he was a time traveller. A bit like finding out Santa never existed. Hard to take when you find out the truth. The way of things ~ George

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      1. The way of things, indeed. I have discovered that the only thing we can count on with certainty is the unexpected. We’ve certainly witnessed *that* in the last few years on this shared orb. Hoping that today’s March march in London brings a few good harbingers for Spring 2019.
        Speaking of time, I’ve traveled 31,556,952 seconds in the last year alone. Here’s something about an event in 1965 (circa 1,704,000,000 seconds ago):
        🙂 🙂

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      2. I heard over 1 million people turned out in London for the march. In terms of restaurant work you won. I made 3 months in a cafe before they realized I wasn’t ‘suited’. I like your time machine. It has style. The old man used to tell me his was a special dustbin and that he could meet whoever he wanted going back in to when they were alive in their own particle of time. I never really got my head around that, although in music I often deal with what things must have felt like for individuals and events back in time. E.g. that day the artist Francesca Woodman committed suicide in 1981, an instrumental piece – Thanks for the link, it was a fine read ~ George

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