DSC00147 (2)‘Ignoring the Mermaid’ by Zoolon

 ‘And a song I was writing is left undone

I don’t know why I spend my time

Writing songs I can’t believe

With words that tear and strain to rhyme’

Paul Simon 

I know the feeling, plus The Arsenal missed a penalty in the last minute that would have stuffed the Spuds. Many swear words.

A 60 second guitar improvisation over a waltz. I hope you enjoy;




    1. Thanks, Tim. I’ve still got a bundle to learn about pics. I think I can see them – quality is the issue. I also guess that’s where the professionals make the serious art. I’m enjoying it so far, though. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. When you look at B&W photos, do you see shades of grey or is there blues and yellows in the mix? If you are really red deficient in your color blindness, I believe you might see a certain amount of blue and yellow when looking at B&W photos. I don’t know how much that makes a difference in processing them, but it might affect how you see the contrast. But I’m speculating here.

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      2. That’s a hard question to answer, Tim. What I see whether black, white or grey will be colours to others – unless they are black, white or grey. My killer is that I can’t name the in-betweens. I remember a teacher when as a kid I was, according to her, taking the piss by always painting blue skies ‘yellow’. She never did get her head around me calling it as I saw it. I don’t even know what ‘yellow’ is meant to look like. Life was easier before they told me I couldn’t see right. Thanks for the comment ~ George

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      3. A friend, and fellow photographer, Susan Brandt Graham, who is a retired doctor, wrote a short book called “Seeing Color Colorblind: Protanopia Part 1”. Her son is colorblind and she worked with him to figure out how he sees color, and created side by side photos of photos in normal color and how he sees the colors. She self published it on Amazon. I don’t know if it would be available on Amazon UK or not.

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      4. Thanks. That’s a great idea. I think I’ll buy a copy. I’ve had it mind to write something someday re colour-blindness. In many ways I wish I didn’t know I was colour blind. I only found out when I was 16. An optician, following a ton of tests, told me that I’d never get a job in the front line or at all in the armed forces, police, pilot, medicine, driving instructor etc. etc. to which I could only answer ‘And?’ I never had plans in those directions anyway. The thing is, when you don’t know the world looks the same as it always had – then you find out and you start to think you’re a freak. I was happy with what I saw back then, the optician ended that. In terms of colour and multi-colour pattern tests I score zero. I often wonder if my ability to ‘see’ music is my brain compensating for the colour-blindness. Thanks again ~ George

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      5. With all the various physical issues I’ve had since I was a kid, I came to accept the fact that I’m a freak years ago. Your idea that your brain may be compensating for color blindness with music is interesting, because I’ve known musicians who say they hear notes as different colors. So you may very well see colors as music. BTW I got the Lifoti Magazine with your interview. Great article. Lifati is an interesting magazine.

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      6. I hope the mag is a good read. As to seeing music I guess what I said wasn’t 100% accurate in terms of colours. I’ve been trying to think how best I can explain it. The best I can come up with is I ‘feel’ music; more like feeling jigsaw pieces and putting them together with eyes shut – if that makes sense ~ George

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