I got told there’s a sign in a Beijing hotel lobby that reads,






What’s all that about? Brilliant. Somehow I’d like to see more random signs like this one. It’s like an untapped art genre. Anyway some music for a Sunday. An ambient instrumental I composed a while back to think and relax by. It’s called ‘Prohibition’. Hope you enjoy;

Carrying on from my last blog post, a few words prompted by a suggestion from the clever poet Lady Yasmin Khan


Where have all the good words gone

The ones tucked between ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’?

Where are the sad chords when you want them?

I thought e minor could never die

Brain dead, just feeling brain dead

You sometimes smiled, but mostly sighed

Outside the sun is shining

Lighting up the blue, blue skies

Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


36 thoughts on “A BLUE, BLUE SKY

  1. Oh! I am not clever at all, George.
    Now , that is a mighty cool Brain Dead, Lord Zoolon.
    If I could write like you, hey, I would love being brain dead too!
    Blue , blue sky, it rolls on the tongue so nice.
    Sweet verse, ‘ where have all the good words gone? The ones tucked between hello and goodbye.
    Beautifully done to the last word.

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  2. I can certainly relate to brain deadness. Especially when the good words go by the wayside, and e minor won’t b flat to diminish the senses, and becomes a major pain that won’t go away. Nice arrangement.

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    1. Sorry I took so long getting back. Someone decided to ‘like’ every post I’ve ever made and it threw my notifications sideways. Thanks, Inese. These extra posts are a temporary plan I’m testing out across the media that a person ‘in the know’ said would be good. I’m getting bored already. Too much is not what I want. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. It is worth to try everything that supports the business, George 🙂 You will see if it works. As to those who ‘like’ every post – I know one blogger who makes rounds like this. He ‘unlikes’ and then ‘likes’ the same posts all over again. I got tired and removed him altogether.

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      2. I’ve got one of those as well. Twenty hits cancelling out the previous twenty. The thing is, I actually ‘like’ their blog so there’s no need for it ~ George

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  3. Regarding the prohibition on watermelon in the Beijing hotel….I was there during watermelon season in the early 1980s. They were everywhere, people were eating them on the streets, sitting on sidewalks, in buses and vans and….spitting out the seeds everywhere. I suspect that is what let to the ban on watermelons in the hotel.

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    1. The riddle is over. Thanks, Anne. Bio degradable melon causes probs in Beijing. Here in the UK plastic and other rubbish does a much worse things. You have me thinking now. Thanks again ~ George

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  4. Ha! I don’t think we have such signs around here, but I shouldn’t underestimate the power of crazy Wisconsinites 🙂 That’s a lovely poem, too, esp with e minor. Unsettling harmonies in the minor lands…

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