I think I’m brain dead. At least that’s what it feels like. I’m getting used to it now. It always happens when I get too busy. I guess it happens to most people when Creativity says, “Stuff this, I’m off – it’s too much like hard work.” So, I’ve gone back to my old songs to try and charm Creativity to come back home.  Here’s a couple of demo versions produced in a small bedroom of a house along the coast. I wrote them in 2014 as part of a uni module. They were well received. I’m hoping that going back to the start gets me composing again. The songs are called ‘Just a Shadow on the Wall’ and ‘Ballerina Dancing’. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy;

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26 thoughts on “BRAIN DEAD

  1. Take it easy , George! I think sometimes we need to give our creative energy some rest.
    Anyway, Brain Dead sounds like the name of an album. Just sayin’ .
    The songs are awesome!!
    Zoolon, Lord of the music.

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  2. Bash spent half an hour yesterday telling me a story about transformers and…the bumble from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Regardless, you should just sit and talk to a kid sometimes. It’s amazing how a kid’s imagination can spark your own.
    I could ship Bash over, if you’d like… 😉

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