CAT2 (2)‘Nothing to Scratch Here’

You’ll have to bear with me on this one. It’s a bit mad.

I had a ‘What if?’ moment. I was thinking that most photos I take are of things either ‘straight ahead’ of me or upwards. I never take shots at ground level – like, say a passionate artist type cat with a camera would. That sort of cat with a camera would be pretty much at ground level doing his/her thing. That means – to me in ‘What if?’ mode at least – that there must be a whole new world of pics to take ‘straight ahead’ at ground level.

Ideally, I would have preferred to take the ‘Cat With a Camera’ pics outside but right now it’s either pouring with rain everyday or frosty and freezing. That meant mainly indoors had to be the location, plus I had to think like a cat thinks – not easy when you don’t know how.

I hadn’t considered giving the mythical cat a name until someone suggested I should. I was offered ‘Cat Ray’ or ‘Robert Cata’ by someone much older than me, but settled for ‘Hetfield’. Above and below is ‘Hetfield’s’ first go at this new art form/sub-genre (maybe I’m pushing my luck here), ‘CAT ART’. I hope you enjoy.

CAT (2)‘A Hiding Place’

cat5 (3)‘Sleeping Bat?’

cat6‘Somewhere above, poached eggs – with mushrooms’

And to finish, not one of my songs this time but a vintage number called, ‘Cool For Cats’ from Squeeze.

Below the link to my new album on Bandcamp that’s helped keep me at No. 1 on the ReverbNation UK Chart;

29 thoughts on “A CAT WITH A CAMERA

  1. Hetfield did a fine job on his first go at catography. My cat, Spunk, is an accomplished catographer using medium format and 4X5 film cameras. Although I have to process his film and print his photos, since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

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      1. Spunk is old school. It doesn’t matter what Hetfield uses to create Cat Art, as long as he’s happy with the results, that’s all that matters.

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    1. Thanks. Try going into the blog via the ‘visit’ tag on the Reader – that should enable any music links to work. If not, it will be as you said. Thanks again ~ George


  2. I loved Hetfield’s point of view…great pictures and concept. Thanks for sharing the Squeeze track. I had not heard them before. And, listening to Goodnight Cleopatra sold me on your album!

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  3. Hetfield seems to have a talent for composition and about that bat….. Hetfield must have shown great self control to not disturb the bat’s “sleep”. I look forward to more of Hetfield’s photography.

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  4. Ha! Hetfield’s got a passion for French, I see. x Perfect name. He’s a traveling bard with a score to settle. Puss’n’Boots stole his glory, and he ain’t takin’ that shit lyin’ down…only it’s raining. He’ll have to wait until that’s done. Just a guitar player without a scratching post and a mute bat for company…

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    1. All OK. I’ve confirmed I’m following. I’ve not had any trouble with WP but loads of other people tell me they have. Best of luck ~ George


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