Zoolon’s Tuesday feature. Another one minute guitar number from my Instagram. This week it’s a one minute take on ‘Nevermind’, a song by my favourite band Foster the People.

If you want to follow me on Instagram please do. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.



    1. I’m so pleased you said ‘yes’. If the person in question wants any examples of songs I’ve composed free of copyright from other WP bloggers I’ll send some links. Today was a good day for people – you especially. Thanks ~ George

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      1. NOOOOOOOOOO kidding! As far as I can tell, some people are able to make Instagram post on their Twitter and Facebook profiles, too, but my FB never connects. People love taking pictures of themselves, I guess….

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      2. I worked out, following advice, from a friend, how to run the Instagram show from a PC and how to share etc. but business wise – the reason I’m meant to be there – I just can’t see it. 60 minute songs just stop me making 4 minute real songs ~ George

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      3. That’s good. The only thing that works on social media is enjoying yourself/myself plus the places where there is income. Separate or together, they are the important things if you/me are on various media for business and, with a bit of luck, pleasure reasons ~ George

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