OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Good Morning’ – Embry, Pas De Calais, France

I’m a musician. I’m definitely not a photographer, but taking pics helps me unwind, plus it feeds all sorts of creativity. All today’s shots have a French connection. I hope you enjoy;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Goodnight’ – Domfront, Normandy, France

charville 4 (3)‘Goodbye’ – Charleville, The Ardennes, France


  1. For not being a photographer, these photographs are wonderful. Excellent compositions and tonal qualities in the first and last photo that set the mood of each photo.

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    1. That’s a great thing to say, especially as you are a photographer. I have a Go-Pro but mainly use my phone. Being colourblind I guess I’ll always be a bit hit and miss, but taking a pic mainly helps me compose melody – it sets a mood in my head. Thanks again for that ~ George

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  2. You know George, I was writing some prose, I had looked at your pictures… (they are really good!) I clicked on your music and just let it play as I wrote. The emotion that comes from your music is outstanding. I’ve listened before but I so enjoyed just being present with your songs. May I share your post? ~Kim

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    1. Thanks. I’m not just saying it, I genuinely like what you just wrote. If my music had that effect then it’s hard to tell you how much that means to me. Please share and thanks again ~ George

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      1. Ok! I am going to do an introduction piece on you on my main blog. (I have two. You’ll be on my main blog, and shared to my second as well.) It will be posted Tuesday, the 5th! Thank you for allowing me to share your inspirational story, George!!

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    1. Thanks. I’ve only just changed the website. I’m not quite finished yet. I enjoy taking pics. Most never make the ‘cut’ though! Thanks again ~ George


  3. Love the b/w composition, especially with the taped pictures. They make a unique connection from…a bridge? to a railing? Something about them being taped together, and what’s on the pages, they feel like they’re something more…

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