mushrooms‘Six Wives of Henry’

All I asked for was a plain omelette. I was in France at the time so what I said must have got lost in translation. What I got served up was a mushroom omelette. I hated mushrooms. Always had.  However, one bite later I discovered I loved mushrooms. That was about a year ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. I eat them most every day, apart from the days I forget to eat. I can’t get enough of them. Even on those days I forget to eat, I think about mushrooms all the time. I even include them in my favourite of all favourite meals, homemade Macaroni Cheese.

I got a mushroom related Christmas gift. ‘Grow Your Own Mushrooms In Doors’ it said on the box – note the spelling mistake on the packaging. Even dyslexic me eventually picked up on that one although at first it left me confused for a while, thinking how am I going to grow my mushrooms ‘in a door’ when all my doors are solid wood, painted gloss white. True.

I’d never grown any plant type things before. After I’d eventually unwrapped the box, I took a look inside. I presumed the present was a p**s take. It was just a box full of dirt. Nearly a month later and my mushrooms are beginning to happen. I keep the box in the dark in the cupboard under the stairs where all the shoes I’ve forgotten I ever owned and a broken violin live. The pic I took (above) reveals all. As the first six mushrooms appeared I thought I’d give them names. I went for the six wives of Henry XIII. Big mistake that was. Three of his wives were all called Catherine, two Anne and one Jane. I should have thought it through better. The big mushroom, top and left of centre is Anne of Cleeves. Off centre, top right is Anne Boleyn. I can’t remember who’s who after that.

corm3‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’

I was on my way to the harbour, looking forward to a breakfast of poached eggs (and mushrooms) when I saw a freak of nature. It couldn’t have come at a worse time as I thought my confusion levels had already peaked. A cormorant with its head on back-to-front. Obviously I had to take a pic, otherwise no one would have believed me. I had to give him a name. I chose ‘Ivan Issue’ – it sort of fits. I spent the rest of the day with ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis on a loop inside my head. I hope Ivan’s mates don’t give him a bad time. Sometimes I wonder why life is so confusing away from my guitars.

After a lot of thought I’ve let Zoolon loose on Instagram. If any of you on WP are also on Instagram and want a follower who follows back and who also takes time out to view your stuff I’d be only too pleased to oblige. Here’s my first post there, a bit of free form guitar. I hope you like it;

Time for some music. Another from the new instrumental album, ‘THE FORGOTTEN DAUGHTER OF ZEUS’. This one is called, ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’. I hope you enjoy;

The 11 track, 45 minute long album itself is available to download at Bandcamp per the below;

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54 thoughts on “‘DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER’

  1. Cool about the mushroom growing! I never thought about that. I will now. You see the most amazing things on ordinary days, Ivan the bird. I am not on Instagram anymore, too much social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and snapchat, too.) So, I have backed off most of it. But I did like Instagram! If I go back I’ll definitely follow! ~Kim

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    1. Thank you. I’m on Instagram to widen the Zoolon brand, plus some business ideas I have. But I am on Linkedin and Twitter. If you let me know the link I’ll sign up straight away – if that’s OK? I have some mushrooms tucked in a weird pasta thing to eat ~ George

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      1. I quit Twitter and Linkedin. I got over-whelmed by all the social media. I only blog and do facebook. Linkedin may be a good site for you? It would be a great platform to show your musical talent. It is more of a business people’s website, they match you to jobs, too. You should just think about it. Just google it to see if that is something you’d like to do… Pasta and mushrooms sounds devine!

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      2. I’ve still not really got my head around LinkedIn. Somehow I got a load of followers without trying. I went on it because of my business but I don’t seem to get much feedback, just loads of messages asking me to congratulate someone for successfully gutting fish for 100 years – that’s my attempt at satire. Twitter I like because it is what it is. Cruel instant, creative in a strange way; business friendly without realizing it is. If it all ever goes pear shaped I could always start a mushroom farm ~ George

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  2. So when the mushrooms are ready to eat will you chop off their heads? Henry’s wives knew all about that. And the cormorant….we have a lot of those on a big pond in front of where we live in Florida for the winter. They seem to find it normal to swivel their heads around like that. And they stand in the sun with their wings spread out to dry off after going underwater to get fish.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. They’re small mushrooms so I’ll probably cook them whole. The few I’ve tried are really good. When I wrote about the cormorant I wasn’t being totally truthful. I know that they can swivel their heads and that they are one of the very few diving birds who don’t have the oils in their feathers to protect them when they’re underwater so they have to dry out after each dive or drown. I grew up with them back in Devon on the estuary of the River Dart and now they seem to have followed me all the way to Kent. I wish I could do that swivel with my head – think of the money I could make. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Thanks Dorinda. I wonder if Merlin was a fisherman if he would have a cormorant as his best mate instead of the owl he had being a wizard? I have to confess owls are my favourite birds. There’s a sanctuary nearby and the baby owls are something else. I’ll follow back on Instagram for sure. Thanks for that. I’ve only been using it two days so am still getting my head around what I can or cannot do there. Have a great day ~ George

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      1. But the owl is wise, and that’s why Merlin had him. Also my favorite bird, like you didn’t know that lol I’d love to see pics of the babies!! That would be awesome. thanks for following back. Look forward to your postings! Happy Thursday 🙂

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    1. Thank you. To me the inside of my head is OK. I have never drunk, smoked or taken drugs, yet most people I know think I’m ‘unusual’. It’s the random thoughts I guess. Thanks again ~ George


      1. I’m very fond of unusual people. My son Donovan fits into that category. When I was in high school my friends were quite out of the ordinary in keeping with our town in the Mississippi Delta. My claim to being unusual is that I was the normal one.

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  3. Apart from this post, I have to thank you for mentioning about dyslexia, you had done that already in prior posts. You are an inspiration for my dyslexic daughter whenever I can I will show your posts to her. She’s truly convinced she is also interested in music learning keyboard at present.

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    1. Thanks. That is so good to hear. Reading my stuff you’ll know I am dyslexic big time and colourblind. I thought I had no chance in life until I got diagnosed. I ended you with a 1st class degree and have since written a book, ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’. It may not be the best book ever written, but I wrote it. Give your daughter my best wishes. Thinking about it, give me your email and I’ll arrange for a download of my music to be sent to her via you. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George


      1. Thanks, Subbashini. If you check your email in about 30 minutes you’ll find Zoolon’s Discography i.e. all for albums via BANDCAMP ready to download, for your daughter. Please give her my best wishes ~ Zoolon aka George


      1. I just accidentally ‘trashed’ your last comment when about to reply. Sorry about that. I had read what you wrote though. I’m always looking for inspiration and will defo be checking out his work ~ George


    1. I tried the oyster ones last night. The’re good as well. The one’s I growing are just little button mushrooms but they cook so easy. ‘Dill’ is my new addition. Thanks for reading ~ Zoolon aka George


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