winter‘Winter Morning, 2018’ ~ Zoolon

It’s funny what happens when you start playing around with an acoustic guitar with just a phrase in your head. This time it was, ‘Darkness at Dawn’. Sometimes it works, most times not. This time, I think I might have a skeleton lyric. Right now I need new lyrics as the instrumental album is ready for release once the Christmas/New Year bit is properly over.

Darkness at dawn

As the night overstays

Darkness at midnight

In a cradle of graves

Darkness the key that fits any lock

Darkness the wonder that lover’s forgot


Darkness the mother of shadows and rain

Darkness the deliverer of pain without gain

Darkness the witness to all that is wrong

Darkness the destroyer of love and its song


Darkness descends, murders all in its path

Darkness a bloodbath with no aftermath

Darkness you’ve jailed all my yesterdays

All my tomorrows in your perfect maze


Darkness, darkness why do this to me?

Darkness, cold darkness just let it be

Darkness I know that you cannot see

That undoing the lock will free the devil in me


Darkness at dawn

As the night overstays

Darkness at midnight

In a cradle of graves

Some music. Staying with the winter theme, this one is called ‘All Winter Long’. I hope you enjoy;

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35 thoughts on “THE PERFECT MAZE

    1. Thank you, Lady Yasmin. I think it’s odd that I can only get into writing lyrics when I have a line of words in my head like ‘darkness at dawn’. Without that there would be no other words. Odd. Do poets suffer the same problem or is it just me trying to make words fit a melody? ~ George

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  1. Hi JGC, ‘Winter Morning, 2018’ is a gorgeous photo. The silhouette of the trees against the water and sky is striking. I adore color photos that take on the black and white feel with a very light hint of color. Darkness is the perfect maze! So many terrific lines in your lyric, all so visual and bring to mind image after image. I especially like, ‘Darkness the wonder that lovers forgot’ and ‘Darkness the mother to shadows and rain’. A pleasure to listen to ‘All Winter Long’. Please have a terrific Thursday, stay warm! ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks, Mia. This narrow bit of sea between England and France seems to be mates with the clouds, the sun and the moon more than in other places I’ve lived in. It puts on a new show every day. I don’t think I could live in a place that’s not near the sea. You write ‘darkness’ in metaphors way better than what I’ve done with this lyric. Is ‘darkness’ a thing that has more definitions and metaphors for, than any other thing? I’m not sure but think maybe it does. I’m only scratching at the surface here. I’m glad you picked up on it being the perfect maze. The melody/delivery has to reflect that. I guess it’s like being blind. I’m still worried about ‘A cradle of graves’. Got no idea what that means, it just arrived, it’s only still in the final mix because it sings OK! Hope your car isn’t covered in frost like mine is. Have a great day ~ JGC

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      1. JGC, you’re welcome. You know how my mind works, so here we go, your post’s title, ‘The Perfect Maze’ reminded me immediately of the Labyrinth on Crete where the Minotaur was kept. The labyrinth was created by Daedalus, father of Icarus, and we know how that ended. All very dark. Please don’t worry about ‘A cradle of graves’, the phrase is all too perfect, I think when we’re asleep, dreaming or dead the darkness is the cradle that holds us safe and keeps us placed, the dark also ‘holds space’ for us. You see, it really works so well, no wonder it just arrived. No frost on the car today, still a bit of a shiver though. Have a wonderful Friday! ~ Mia

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      2. Thanks, PM. What about ‘Shades of Darkness’ as a sound art installation. Captured sound from nature, life, machines – I’m getting steam locomotives, thinking about it – etc. all blended together in an installation, the sounds drifting between scary dark all the way through to surreal darkness with all the other shades in-between and set up in a planetarium type place but otherwise in darkness. Time and money project, so it probably won’t happen. Worth dreaming about though. It’s good you don’t have frost. The windscreen wipers stick to the window. Have a great day ~ JGC

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      3. Good thinking, PM. The killer with sound art installations is, unless you’ve got a sponsorship, the massive funding and living with the knowledge you probably wouldn’t make much money out of it. It’s one of those things where horrible money can control art. I guess I will buy a Lottery ticket for the weekend and hope I get the winner. Anyhow, here’s one I didn’t make earlier. It’s a decent example;

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  2. Wonderful lyrics! About where poets start, I absolutely have to have that first line to begin. It anchors the rest, Don’t mean to rain on your parade but I think darkness can be beautiful as well as “dark”.

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    1. Thanks and sorry to take so long getting back. I mentioned to someone else on this thread that ‘Darkness’ must have more definitions and metaphors than just about any other word, so you are totally right in what you’re say. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Thanks. After uni I had a job in a cafe. I got the sack because I couldn’t butter toast. That’s 100% true. I think I needed a left-handed knife maybe. Thanks again and Happy New Year ~ George

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      1. I like marmite a lot. I really have to try a thick layer on toast – if I can spread it OK. Thanks, that’s breakfast sorted for tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on ~ George

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  3. So strange…I couldn’t picture a “cradle of graves” at first, but just pictured a single grave. But then I started your song and the entire cemetery became this sloped valley, ridged by stone, its darkness inescapable…

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