DOVER CASTLE (2)‘View from a cliff edge’ by Zoolon 

The road leading up the castle is winding and steep. High granite stone walls either side. Some ancient overhanging trees blocking the daylight. No place for shadows to dance.

Most people drive up to the castle. The tourists off the cruise liners from places I’ve never been can afford the entrance fee. A lot of locals can’t. The American’s are enthusiastic tourists. They soak up history and eat cream teas. Most other visitors mainly take selfies and never wonder why.

On my way up I saw last night’s dead badger on the tarmac. Blood and guts. Road kill for the two magpies in love to feed off and live for another day.

In the castle grounds there is a flock of sheep that aren’t like any other sheep I’ve ever seen. Weight issues or maybe just an overload of wool? Unique? Probably not. They look bored most times. Camera shy as well. They don’t hang around in flocks. I like that idea.

On a good day, Calais is clearly visible from up here. On days when the clouds hang low or the sea mist  grows high, you can’t even see the tip of your nose. The tip of my nose doesn’t interest me that much.

Most people forget to look up. iPhones have that effect. If they did look up they’d have seen that the sky was like a half drawn curtain. A hungry sun verses angry grey clouds. A stand-off. A nil-nil draw. No time added-on.

If people did make a habit of looking up they’d see at the very top of the castle, an old keep. A woman in a flowing red dress hangs out there. She doesn’t say a lot. She doesn’t do a lot. Just walks about, fretting and a bit frantic. A damsel in distress? I reckon so. An angry looking bloke dressed as a cavalier just stands there watching her like he’s issued her an ultimatum she’s not good with. They’re both ghosts. No one knows their names. I don’t think they got along then or now. I’ll maybe ask the magpies for their take on what’s going on up there. They’ll know.

Here’s an electronic instrumental I composed a while back. Today it’s for the ghost woman. It’s called ‘A Life’ and it’s from my Dream Rescuer album. I’m guessing the lady in red didn’t get much of a life;

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been reporting on my progress up the ReverbNation charts. I can now add to that. This morning I found out that Zoolon is No. 1 in the UK chart and, amazingly No. 18 in the Global chart – there are 4 million musicians on ReverbNation globally. I’m guessing staying No. 1 will be harder than getting there. As ever, my thanks to all the support I’ve had from you lovely people on WordPress. Thanks again. You’re great ~ Zoolon aka George

  • Checking it out it looks like this is one of the recent numbers that’s helped me along. It’s called ‘Tick Tock’;

The song is from ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’ EP which is available to purchase via the link below;

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    1. We have so many magpies around here. My mum talks with them all the time – true. They are really intelligent birds. They have attitude. Thanks for reading and listening – and the Americans are the best tourists. They spend a bit and really want to know about Winston Churchill and William the Conqueror and stuff like that. Thanks ~ George

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      1. That’s probably because so many of us are direct descendants of the British, Scottish, and in my case Welsh. It’s very fascinating.
        Plus we need someone to look up to these days. We have Magpies in the North West, none here in the South though. They are so cute, very sociable and clever.

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      2. So you’re a Celt. All the best ones are. My mother is from Devon originally and is a Celt so I am part Celt. Sadly the old man is a Norman with a bit of gypsy – my great, great thousands more greats, grandmother he talks about called Eliza Mean from back in 1760’ish was where the gypsy blood comes from, and I’m proud of that – and they aren’t mystical like the Celts are. Thanks for that ~ George

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      3. I wish I knew more about my lineage – it’s all there, my parents have it. I need to take time out and read the family tree one day. If you’re part Scot and part Welsh that must make you a true Celt. Nice one. Enjoy your day ~ George

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  1. Great story. The Lady in Red. I’m listing to the fabulous song from, Pigeons are Switzerland, since I can’t get your other music, for some reason. It’s excellent. Tick Tock is just a circle that never stops, no matter what. No idea why your music doesn’t always come through.

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  2. Hoooooooooooooooooooly COW, DUDE! That’s so frickin’ amazing! So proud of you, so happy for you–congratulations! You’ve worked like mad, and it’s paid off.

    Your castle picture makes me jealous for castles. Wisconsin’s not known for castles. 😦

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    1. Thanks. I dropped from 14 down to 17 in the Global chart today – a broken man (not). Dover castle is something else. More modern history – whatever modern actually means – than any other, they say. ~ George

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  3. Cool story about the castle! I enjoyed your musical piece for the ghost. I’d love to write a ghost story as well. Congratulations on getting to #1!

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    1. Maybe you could give the names, lives and places of the ‘Lady in Red & The Cavalier’ – thinking about it, that title is neat; it’s yours if you want it (I could never write it) ~ George

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  4. I have to say that mass tourism is depressing for me. I am old enough to have traveled before the advent of mass tourism. I went to Florence and just on a whim went into the Uffizi Gallery after lunch one day. . Venice could be transversed without encountering any tourists. Long ago and far away. Recently my husband and I went on a tour with a few other people of Arms and Armouries in London. It was magic as we could get into places behind the scenes. My favorite was the Tower of London at night. That was an evening I will treasure for the rest of my life. And….the ground is thick with ghosts and presences there. Congratulations on your standings in ReverbNation charts!😃

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    1. I’m jealous. I’ve not been to Italy yet. But you are right. To be in a new place discovering stuff alone is so much better than mobhanded. Since a kid I’ve been all over France and it’s so easy to avoid the crowds there – apart from Paris sometimes. Thanks for reading and listening ~ George

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  5. But, you are [still] young, even four minutes hence, but as I have also never been to Italy this poses the more urgent Q: will you meet me there?

    The castle. Scotland, or Ireland?

    Glenmayne. Been there. Owned by antique maestro, Tony Curtis. Ever meet? Passed on? He preceded me as tour guide up a narrow stair, in 199……6?, and said later while viewing a drawing I’d sent of them that my four antique, blood stained pine dinner chairs were likely Portuguese.

    Thank Providence the scale of the UK is still small enough to appreciate the grandeur of hewn stone palaces. Around here, some Union crew would smash it all for driveway gravel.

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    1. Brilliantly surreal comment.
      ‘Will you meet me there?’ – great line. ‘Will you meet me in Italy?’ – a book title, or an instrumental. Mandolin? Probably.
      The castle is Dover Castle (County of Kent – just a bit back of The White Cliffs that never ever had bluebirds, although some old ladies turn blue when it’s seriously cold outside, like today is) just up the road from where I live. They – whoever ‘they’ are – tell me it has more modern history than another other in England, others say Europe.
      ‘Blood stained pine dinner chairs’ – another line that deserves to be a title, maybe even a band name. Metal? Not sure.
      Anyway, thanks for waking me up on a Sunday morning with interesting words ~ Zoolon aka George

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      1. WP let me see these from rear to front, so I had to respond in kind which more than less wrecked my initial salutations! I wanted to open with an exclamation! Hence – I close with it. Thanks for putting me to bed on a Sunday night. I am infinitely warmer and finally ready to sleep.

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  6. Wonderful image. When I see a castle, I always try to picture it in its glory. We seldom think that these walls were once plastered from inside and from outside. That there was a roof and floors. And people – imagine all these people, shorter than us, dressed in funny clothes.
    Delighted to hear about the charts. Way to go!

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    1. Thanks, Inese. Dover Castle has been maintained brilliantly. I’ve only done the tour a couple of times – they charge a lot to get it – but it’s worth it. In the tunnels underneath you can see where Churchill worked during WW2, plus all the history before that. William the Conqueror built it when the Normans invaded. A lot of film making goes on there. With your eye for subject matter you’d love it, inside and out. Enjoy your day ~ George

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