DCIM100MEDIA‘The day before the asteroid hit’ by Zoolon

The news that some sicko coward morphed into the big man because he carried a gun into a synagogue and randomly killed loads of innocent people leaves us relatively normal people wondering ‘Why?’

I had this random thought about the ways certain humans try to justify carrying a gun, some relying on the rule of law phrase, ‘The right to bear arms’. Maybe it would be better all-round if that sentence read, ‘The right to bare arms’ instead. That way the worst thing that could happen would be a sicko cowardly bloke wandering about in a short-sleeved t-shirt or a vest instead of carrying a shooter. A pity really that the bloke who wrote the original constitution version wasn’t a dyslexic. Had he been dyslexic the world might have been a much better place.

It’s a shame I have to have a stab at satire to explain how I feel. Can’t think of any other way to do it. The thing is words and music are all I’ve got.  Sad times we live in.


It’s easy for a loser to become an alpha-male, when he’s carrying a gun

It’s easy for him to terminate just about anything, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in having a big mouth, when he’s carrying a gun

He can take pride in doing his God’s work for Him, when he’s carrying a gun

He finds it easy to kill the innocents without remorse when he’s carrying a gun

The thing is, you’ll always be a prize arsehole when you’re carrying a gun

I’m guessing that doesn’t bother you, when you’re carrying a gun?

I need to stress here that I’m not having a pop at Americans. Far from it. Every nation has its scum. Here in the UK we have our fair share – they generally carry a knife. America is a nation of great creativity and generosity – I know that from the people I meet here on WP – besides, I don’t go scoring cheap points. Respect.

Time for some music. A bit of a protest number I wrote a while back, ‘Shout at Newsreels’;

Words for the sake of words;


I wear a coat of few colours.

I write a lot about rainbows

but those who say they know these things

 tell me the rainbows I see

are just black, grey and white

I’m good with that

always was

If they never mentioned it

I’d never have known

so nothing really changed

~ Zoolon

Below the link to my music on Bandcamp;

Copyright © 2014 music/2018 words Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


41 thoughts on “A COAT OF FEW COLOURS

  1. This is the wild West. We can’t lock up crazy people until they hurt other people. I don’t own a gun but a lot of people do because they feel the need to defend themselves in case a nut with a gun goes off his rocker. Also, citizens need guns because the govt. has the most guns in the world and the govt. made war on Americans in the past and it could happen again. The govt. killed more Americans than any mass shooter. We’re not safe. Anyway, you can’t stop doing what you usually do in your life, so you do your thing knowing every day could be your last.

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    1. Thanks for reading Leslie. Every nation has its nutters, it’s just in most places getting a gun is hard work. If we had shops in the UK that sold guns to anyone who wants one we’d have the same issues. Our nutters tend to buy a kitchen knife to damage innocent people with. The world is sick, sick, sick. ~ George


      1. The problem with guns is they can kill, maim and injure so many people in such a short space of time. If the killer at the Parkland high school in Florida was armed with a knife there would not have been 17 people left dead. Since I send 3-4 months in Florida each winter I am very aware of the gun situation. In Canada we just don’t have so many guns being carried around by the general public. Anyway….you are right to say there are sick and disturbed people in all nations of the world.

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    1. Thanks Shey. It’s a shame they can’t change it without a massive fuss. On a different subject while writing this I just noticed on my phone that I’ve got to No. 8 in the ReverbNation chart. I think this calls for poached eggs on toast.

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  2. When I was young I was good at target shooting, and I did archery. Never owned a gun for many reasons, but if I did, would I shoot people, or animals for fun? It is not a question really. Majority of people don’t know the meaning of the words ‘self control’, ‘maturity’, ‘discipline’, ‘responsibility’ – you name it, and too many people with mental problems are neglected. I personally knew a chap who worshiped Nazi. Clearly he was not all right, but married, and a father to a boy named Heinrich, like Himmler. There are many who don’t like Jews, especially lately when Israel is under pressure. What saddens me the most is that the shooters almost always target the innocent. Why is that, I don’t know.

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    1. A big question. Why target the innocent? Maybe it’s because the innocent aren’t likely to fight back? I don’t know, that’s just my guess. The Anti-Semitism that’s going around across the planet worries me like it does you. I might not agree with some of what the Israeli government are doing but that has nothing to do with Israel being a Jewish nation and its people, like the Palestinians, must be protected not hated. When we get the ‘leader’ of the Western World saying, “Barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight” then we know something has gone badly wrong inside the heads of even top people. All this confirms I’m right preferring animals to people. Enjoy your day, Inese ~ George

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      1. Today the talk about ‘barbed wire being beautiful’ is the worst sentence I’ve heard this year. Worrying, even though I might have a new song out of it. It makes me feel guilty but I think this one will become a real song on an album because it needs to. Tonight I see I’ve made no 5 in the UK artists listing from ReverbNation so maybe people will listen to my protest – fingers crossed. ~ George

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