montreil5 (3)‘The Ghosts of Summer Bid Farewell’

It’s good to be back. First some words and pics, then a brand new composition – a pre-release from the new album that should hopefully be out there come December. It’s an electronic instrumental called ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’. I hope you enjoy.

montreil5 (2)‘Dressed to Impress’


Summer died on a Saturday

She was always heading for a fall

A rosebud in a cloak of thorns

No fuss, eyes shut, no curtain call


Through the window of addiction

A cloudy glass impediment

A crumbling headstone, premature?

Just tough luck or heaven sent?


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Goodbye to all that’s gone before

I keep memories of you under lock and key

You left me wanting so much more


Next the new composition;

Here the link to my albums at Bandcamp;

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    1. Thanks, Lucy. As I’m replying I’ve just spotted last nights spider – the size of a dinner plate (almost) – here again under my guitar rack. I’m not good with spiders. I have to take a pic then run for it. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Thanks, Holly. The old boy is fine, I think. He’s writing something big he told me and is visiting Twitter again (why?). I’ll pass on your regards. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back on WP when the weather gets cold.

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      1. How are you getting on with Twitter? I’ve only spotted you there recently. In many ways I like it – it’s honest but can be ugly. At least on Twitter you know what you’re getting. Just avoid the occasional F Wit.

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      2. From what I’ve seen and heard, women especially should be wary, but I guess all social media is like that a bit. Do you ever tweet your WP post to Twitter. If you do I’m sure there’s loads of us out there happy to retweet you because you write so well.

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  1. This is great. Glad to see you’re back.
    p.s. Had THE biggest spider in my house the other night (dinner plate too yeuch). It’s a long and disgusting story, but it is no more, it has ceased to be.

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    1. Thanks and thanks for reading. I wonder why is it I’ve got a spider complex/phobia? Don’t know but when he’s sitting under my favourite guitar that I need to re-string urgently but am too afraid to go near it something has to be done. I shall attempt to put an empty bin over it and somehow throw it out of the studio onto the roof – when I pluck up the courage that is. ~ George

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      1. We (myself and my 3 kids) once sat for HOURS knowing that there was a spider in the room, but all afraid to do anything to find and dispose of it. Eventually it made itself known, but in our panic, we let it get away. I swear, I still can’t laugh about that shit to this day. FOUR of us! ffs. Vacuum cleaners with long hoses are a godsend, but are no use if you’re scared you’ll dislodge it. It’s totally irrational, but you’re not alone.

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  2. Hey hey, thanks for coming around so I know you’re back. I love this music–it’s full of life–and the words are really talking to me.
    Still summer here hanging on–it will be 85F today. But I can see autumn trying to break through

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    1. Thanks. 85 degrees. That’s hot, maybe too hot as the heat this year in the UK has been silly strong. It’s been one long bout of hay-fever for me. I think I should move to Iceland but the volcanic stuff worries me. ~ George

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      1. Funny you should mention north south. I was just having random thoughts about the equator. I got told that water goes down the sink plug hole the opposite way south of the equator. Do you know if it goes straight down the plug hole on the equator? Could be one for a Google search I think.

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  3. Curious–I got so taken up with your line “Summer Died on a Saturday” that when I started the music, all I could think of was a crime scene: lone girl, wisp of a thing, shorn hair died blonde, matted to pavement. Eye makeup starting to smudge as rain drops fall. Skin turning blue as an autumn rain comes down, and down, and down, her green dress shimmering golden-like. And a child playing chases her ball, and stops when the ball rolls up to the body…

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    1. It sounds like you have another book to write. Neat. For me I was dead of words, then I remembered a thing the old man told me about 5 years ago, maybe more. He said when you’re stuck think up a decent title and work with that. Basically that’s what I did.

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      1. He’s right, of course. 🙂 Worked brilliantly for you, too. When’s your next album come out, again? I’m starting to compile things for my October newsletter, and like having a section of shout-outs about other people’s awesomeness…es. However one should spell a made-up word. 🙂

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      2. I’m hoping I’ll have it ready for December. It’s just a killer playing my heaviest guitar right now as I did my shoulder in in the gym. A balancing act at the moment.

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      3. Whew! Just be sure you ease it back into you. For all the heavy hauling we’ve been doing with furniture and boxes (what with flooding and also helping empty a dead relative’s house) I’m just waiting for one of us to throw a back out. Ugh.


      1. Same here. I’ve got two – one really huge – spiders gone missing. I never kill them, I can’t do that, but I need to get them out somehow. My bedroom, bathroom etc. is on the floor below!

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  4. You’re just amazing. I love the way you’re so down to earth and humble. Beautiful stuff. Literally everything is so good. I’m your fan and i love the fact that you spare some time to read my posts and like them as well 🙂

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