OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Sun Day, Sunday’ by Zoolon

I’m taking a short break from blogging. A working break as I’ve a bespoke new business website project to sort and a mass of other things to do, so rather than just sit here dripping on about the pressure I’m under I figure I’d get it all done. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I’ll catch up on your posts then. Be good, and if you can’t be good, don’t be. See you soon – for now a few words and some music.

Once I was a unicorn

Missed out on Noah’s final cut

Got drowned and born again for no good reason

Back on the city streets every entrance door was shut

I’d survived the deep dark, death wish waters

Though I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘Amen’

One step forward, two steps back

‘I’ll see you someday, as and when’


But you, you climbed the highest mountain

Damaged, you had to leave me at first base

Was it really an avalanche that ate you?

When you went missing, lost forever without a trace

I’ll leave you with a couple of songs that have been picking up hits on ReverbNation recently. I hope you enjoy.

First a ‘gentle protest’ type number from my Dream Rescuer album called ‘Ticking Clock’;

Next, ‘Silent Films’ from the Rainbows End album. It wasn’t getting many hits for ages now it is. Odd.

If you’re interested in purchasing my work you’ll find it all at Bandcamp, below;

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48 thoughts on “ONCE I WAS A UNICORN

    1. Thank you, Holly. It will be good to get a decent website back. WP is OK but it’s so blog friendly I can’t get a decent online shop with it. With a bit of luck the weather will turn bad again and they’ll be nothing to put me off working!

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  1. Doc JGC, terrific words. I don’t know why I equate unicorns with tragedy. I suppose it’s the way they have been portrayed, beautiful creates that tend to suffer some sad fate. All that said, the personification of the unicorn is perfect in your dark lyric/poem. Such a melancholic story in verse, it’s wonderful, as is your brilliant photo, ‘Sun Day, Sunday’. Wishing you the best of luck with all your projects. Please enjoy your Sunday afternoon and evening. ~ PM

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    1. Thanks PM. The unicorn wins in life because he lives, but looses out in the end. The way of things. You got it in one. The photo was taken in St Margaret’s Bay from just below where Noel Coward lived during WW2. It’s a beautiful bay just around the coast. It was where I made a lot of uni sound art. Love it, it reminds me of Devon. Enjoy whatever the day throws your way ~ Doc JGC

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  2. Sir, the two selections of yrs you posted were spectacular. I consider you a faithful reader of mine. Needed to tell you: Thank you for this. I appreciate yr efforts, too.
    thanx, g.r.

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  3. There’s a story in this song, of sweat in desperation, pounding through streets without pricking an ear…light upon a horn that no one sees…except…no, someone sees, but …but it’s an old man, blind to everything but the impossible…
    Hope you can be productive in your blogging break!

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