tv3‘The Allegory of The Night’ by Zoolon

A new lyric about an important subject. It’s themed on the homeless crisis in the UK that’s getting worse every day. The song is near the recording stage, but for now here’s just the raw words – not a poem, I stress – I’m still playing around with.


In the underpass of squalor, a starving babe

Wrapped up in this alleged great Union’s flag

Mother’s got no money, no place she can call home

She keeps her kid warm, takes another drag


Dad’s out fixing up somewhere

Any old place, he don’t care

He cracks a joke, snorts more coke

Says life’s unfair


They’re just around the corner

I think that I should warn yer

They’re just around the corner from here


A made redundant teacher, an old defrocked sicko preacher

Some feral kid lost and running free

An old man who deserves better, a discarded used French letter

A long forgotten war zone amputee


In the underpass of sorrow

They’ll all be back tomorrow

While we just turn a blind eye

You and me


They’re just around the corner

I think that I should warn yer

They’re just around the corner from here


“Whatever makes them tick is not our problem”

“We don’t give a shit that they’re lonesome”

“Whatever makes them like it not down to us”

Really? Did I really hear you say that?

You’d give more sympathy to a stray cat

So you’d rather stuff your fat face than make a fuss?


It’s good that I don’t know yer

So good that I don’t know yer

‘Cause if I did I’d make you disappear

They’re just around the corner

I think that I should warn yer

They’re just around the corner from here 

Some music, an instrumental that hopefully fits the mood of today’s post, ‘Time Out’ from my Dream Rescuer album;

On the subject of homelessness, the great American lyricist, Paul Simon, says it much better than me. By the way there’s some magic artwork on this vid;

Apart from Paul Simon – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



50 comments on “NO ROOMS, NO ROOF”

    1. I didn’t mean to make you cry, Lady Yasmin. It’s a terrible thing when people are homeless when all the time governments are wasting money on idiotic stuff. I could list the silly things but my list might just go on forever.

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      1. It’s a global issue and yet , no one in power can do anything, they don’t care actually , but what you wrote , Lord Zoolon , needs a literary award , the stuff you write about is crying to be heard ! You need to become a noble laureate , your work needs to be read.


      2. I’d settle for a decent song out of this Yasmin. You’re dead right about the people in power everywhere. A sort of money and prestige grabbing lot rather than looking after the weak who – as Laura Marling the singer once wrote – need to be led.


      3. She’s got a beautiful voice. Thank you for the link.
        She maybe famous but she started out like any other artist.
        You never know ! Sometimes , everything comes together , I know that one cannot keep a good thing down for long.
        I may yet have a very famous friend soon .
        You are good, George.


    1. Thanks. It is the same here. I think the rise of populist politics and the shift to the right have a lot to answer for. You’ve got Trump to deal with; we’ve got Brexit – neither are common people friendly.


  1. I really like these lyrics George, the hook is great…They’re just around the corner

    I think that I should warn yer

    They’re just around the corner from here”. Their just around the corner, very powerful.


    1. Thank you. I come from a long line of socialists. We get a bit passionate about injustice. By the way the old man told me to send on his regards to you and others he likes. He says he’s thinking of going back to his blog in the autumn as his eye is OK’ish now.


      1. The majority of us are fighting the dark side here. Without the help of the Russians and sheep we wouldn’t have a racist con man illegitimate president right now. Give my best to George Sr. I’ve missed him. Hope to find him back here soon.


  2. i like the words. sadly true. almost every person could be homeless without the next months pay. its everywhere. Paul Simon is a genius i think. good luck with completing the music.👍🏻


    1. The Western World is shit when it should be setting an example. Plus, Paul Simon – I studied his work at uni – is for definite a genius. I once wrote a paper praising Kathy’s Song – probably my favourite. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.


    1. I’m writing instrumental – electronic – ambient stuff for a new album early winter but this number has jumped to the top of the queue. I think – hope – I’ve nailed it. Time will tell. Thank you. The old man especially wanted me to pass on his regards to you. It looks like he’s back soon now he can see his feet and things not too far away.


  3. This is well done, and timely- this problem seems to be on the rise here as well. These lyrics are an excellent reminder to look for ways to help the suffering, whether they look nice and tidy or not.


  4. Ah Lord Zoolon….this is a heart tearing post. “The underpass of sorrow” what a powerful phrase it is. And your ‘Time Out’composition is so well suited to this piece. It has an echo of the grim and the lonely and the desperate. And yet there are still glimmers of light, perhaps of a brighter past remembered. Good work .


  5. The same here in Ireland, George. There are enough unused houses to solve the problem, but the owners don’t want this kind of tenants, and the government ‘has no money’. Heartbreaking poem, every word is true. All of us know at least one homeless person ‘around the corner’.


    1. I’m not sure if it’s always been the same, but no one – very few – seems to care right now. My mum hands out thermal vests in winter, everyone looks at her like she’s gone mad. It makes me angry.


  6. Raw, indeed. Beginning with the baby was genius, and ending on the amputee–someone limited in movement as a baby is limited–brilliant return. Curious as ever to see how the music builds upon the visuals. xxxx


    1. Thanks. I never saw the link between the baby and the amputee. It’s things like that make you cleverer than me. Once my weird ambient is over and done with I’ll record this one. It’s ready to go but has to take it’s turn.


      1. Of course. 🙂 Oh, I’m all about the bookends. I think it’s my years in church listening to Dad preach. It might sound like his sermon could have ended six different times, but there’s only one moment that really ties back to the beginning, and THAT is where the sermon ends. 🙂


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