mari9Vagrant’s Shadow, Lost

Back in May when creativity had taken a break, and wanting something to spark my mind, I thought I’d try and capture instant, pure unprovoked thoughts and write them down. See how they turned out. Anyway, I already capture sound using a stereo-recorder when composing Sound Art – things like that of the sea, birdsong, thunderstorms – all that kind of nature stuff, so why not do the same with words.

I decided using the Sound Art equivalent process when capturing ‘instant thought’ words – i.e. capturing whatever arrives – thinking it an interesting experiment. Unlike regular random thoughts – which are mostly provoked by an idea; an event; anything that sparks instant thinking – I decided to simply empty my brain – not too hard to do in my case – and see what words arrived. Some of the stuff I wrote surprised me, not necessarily in a good way. I meant to include them in a blog post back then but have only just remembered I’d forgotten.


  1. Soon, I shall stare at The Sun. If I am blinded, so be it. The prize is worth the loss of colours I never knew anyway. 
  1. I like the kind of slippery silvery fish you can hold in your hand and feel close-up their death throw wriggles. I’d never do that to a fish. I just like that kind of slippery silvery fish.

shadows5 (2)Shadow of Prey in Hunting Mode

  1. Truth hangs on a string. Sometimes ugly truth’s spindly fingers takes a scissor to the string and stillborn lies are born from an empty, overly sliced, over time Caesarean ruined womb. No placards outside the clinic, nor judge or jury, it just happens. In the fairy-tale, God smiles but never lets on.

shadows6 (2)‘X’ Marks The Shadow’s Grave

  1. Once I was a heron. Only then did I realize that the cherry blossom tree the Japanese paint in budget watercolours is lost from view without salty air, earthquakes, pretty small, small pretty girls caked in chalk dust makeup and reaching out for the two dimensional traditional love of a dominating rice paper man. 
  1. The dark space between abject boredom and belief in a God is a contradiction; is a visible nothingness. Of the two I prefer boredom. Many will never understand my logic. Belief is the one thing that makes consciousness pointless. 

These thoughts and more feature in my book, ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’ – it can be found at;

Assuming I’ve not been totally written off as a hopeless case, here’s a bit of music. ‘K2 Night’ – it’s an electronic piece composed when I was thinking that the second highest mountain on Earth deserved a better name than ‘K2’.

Apart from the background art on pics 2 & 3 by Dave Cooper, Artist of Dover – Copyright © 2017/18 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


44 comments on “4.05PM – 4.13PM TUESDAY AFTERNOON”

  1. It’s a mix of philosophy and psychology , some very great thoughts from you , Lord Zoolon. I like this post of yours because it’s honest and honesty is always interesting . This post is almost fairy tale like but it’s still true to life. This is good , Lord Zoolon.
    I wished you ruled some country , really .


    1. Thank you your esteemed Ladyship. If I was ruler the first thing I’d do is make Broadband speeds instantaneous – I’ve a lot of good reasons why that is a great idea – and then give anyone with a gun a chance to hand it in, if they failed to do so I guess they should be locked up. Maybe for quite a long time. Obviously I’d make sure macaroni cheese was free for anyone who was hungry. Oh, ‘art’ classes – any/all genres – would be a ‘must’ subject for kids to study at school.


      1. I agree with you on broadband speeds .
        And the gun thing , yes , definitely !
        And giving cheese to the hungry is mighty generous of you. Only you would think of something like that.
        My hundred percent vote for art classes in school.
        Now , all the more reason you need to rule.


      2. Don’t let anyone bother you , Lord Zoolon , least of all political leaders.
        Well, we would see to it that no one would get near you , we, your subjects would protect you !


      3. Magic wands would be a great thing to hand out. Wouldn’t it be great to cast the odd spell and turn all the evil lot into whatever we fancied? I think I’d turn Trump into a football.


      4. You know , I was wishing for a fairy god mother. Maybe she would give us some fairy dust or magic wands !
        No, you can’t turn T into a football. I love football lol


  2. unique and intriguing. Most thoughts slide through our brains like those slippery silver fish, I love the idea of catching and holding on to see what we’re made of. Great music too George.


    1. Thank you. It was a weird experiment. I guess to an extent we all pretty much do it when writing poems or – in my case – lyrics. What surprised me was when going for a ‘one take’ no edits just how quick even my brain works. Odd.


      1. Stunted are the best. I hate it when one massive random thought arrives. Only a proper academic can cope with massive ones and I’m not one of those.


    1. Thanks, Inese. Ever since being a little kid I’ve got lost in thoughts. My mum once started worrying that I was living in a world of my own. The thing is, I wasn’t – I just glaze over thinking of things. It’s a good feeling is ‘thinking’.


      1. Thank you. I hope they will. I’m working on instrumental electronic compositions at the moment – it’ll take months, but lyric writing again in late autumn. I will try then.


  3. Unique! That is a valuable quality. And I agree with previous comments….you are ok and will be ok and we will rally to your defence if needed. I will continue to think on the thoughts from this post.


    1. Thanks, Anne. Being a bit like it on the dyslexic front writing it helped in finally laying that ghost to bed. It’s not a novel or anything like that, just me and my thoughts, pics, raw lyrics and ‘stuff’!


    1. Thanks. K2 just doesn’t do it for me. Imagine climbing ‘K2’ – it wouldn’t feel like an important thing, whereas Mountain ‘something great’ – I can’t think of a great word right now – would.


  4. Daaaaamn, I’m diggin’ this. You got here a lot of blue light in a basement dive, a mirror wall, a finger running the rim of a glass while eyes roam elsewhere for the contact…and in the slowed gyrations of the mob upon the floor, one stands still, watching himself be watched…


    1. Thanks. Letting words come from whether in a head they come from – even though I thought them I don’t always agree with my thoughts – is like you said, ‘watching himself be watched’.


  5. I really enjoyed the swirling patterns of sound in the track. I also wanted to let you know that sometimes I become self absorbed, so I want to let you know that I appreciate you visiting my website. Thank you!


    1. Don’t worry Ted. You’re a great artist. I enjoy your blog. By the way I mentioned you’d comment here to my old man – Mike Steeden – he sends his regards. He’s not blogged for a while since he damaged an eye. Best of luck ~ George


      1. Thanks Ted. I will pass your message on. He’s got himself together at last. He’s stopped swearing about himself and is back to Trump and Brexit hating.


  6. As a child of the ’80s, I’ve got to say “K2 Night” took me for a ride back to my my teenage years. It boasts a dramatic urgency that’s mesmerizing and nostalgic to me. Outstanding piece of work. Thanks for the ride!


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