pole‘Discernible Connection’ by Zoolon

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I’d post my tribute to Francesca Woodman, the amazingly talented photographic artist whose work didn’t make it big until after she had committed suicide, in New York, in January 1981, aged just 22.

The tribute is in two parts. The first a song simply named ‘Francesca’, a reflection on the person, more than her chronology. The lyric drifts between first and third person thoughts and questions.  I like to think she’d be good with that. Next, there is an instrumental, a eulogy without words. For this I have tried to capture her essence and final moments. It’s a short piece for a tragically, short life. When the melody stops, if you listen hard enough you’ll hear… well I’ll let you decide what you hear. This piece I’ve named ‘Eastside 1981’. Below, the two songs in question. I hope you enjoy the listen;

Both numbers feature on my new EP ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’ which is available for easy download at BANDCAMP along with my two previous albums, ‘Dream Rescuer’ & ‘Rainbows End’. In fact there’s an option, if you’re interested, to download my whole discography at a heavily discounted price.

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33 thoughts on “EASTSIDE 1981

  1. Doc JGC, these two tracks are an exceptionally beautiful and emotional tribute to Francesca. I’d like to add, I believe you’ve outdone yourself with this EP. Each track can stand alone, yet together they flow seamlessly to create something most lovely and magical. Congratulations and much success with the EP. ~ PM


  2. Touching tribute, George. It is a shame that people can be so troubled they decide to end it all and only being recognised after death just adds insult to injury. Unfortunately, Francesca is not the only person in history to have this fate and this reality scares me greatly. Just gotta stay creative and be grateful for what we have. Great tracks!


    1. Thanks, Sam. You’re right on all counts. The list of artists across all genres who had it all and still let go is a sad thing. Researching Francesca taught me that it only takes one set back – in her case most probably the withdrawal of funding she was expecting – to trigger hopelessness. Thanks again ~ George


  3. What hits here is that piano in the instrumental. I keep picturing a carnival of sorts, a ringmaster beckoning you in for a show of wonders if you’ll just leave your path for but a moment, peek through the tent flap for but a moment…and then you’re gone.

    I suppose I need to think of it as a story, because it’s eerie how playful that piano becomes. When attending the visitation for my cousin who killed himself, they were playing all his favorite Disney tunes on the speakers. It’s….it’s a surreal layer of sound upon the senses.


    1. Thanks. I appreciate that a lot. With the instrumental, Eastside 1981 I was trying to capture Francesca’s last moments in a respectful way. The hardest bit, in terms of thinking how I could achieve that was when the piano had finished its work and then comes that brief – because jumping out of a loft window to the ground below only takes a few seconds – ‘swish’, a sound that mirrors what it must of been like. Headphones pick it up more than a straight listen – unless the volume is pumped up!


      1. No only the artists, George. Almost once a month someone is recovered from our beautiful river Suir, and none of them has been an artist, as long as I remember.


  4. Your voice has this Steven Wilson quality to it. But your music is a far cry from Porcupine Tree or his solo projects. So it’s this wonderful, beautiful strange contrast. I’m going to spend more time immersing myself in your music. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for that. Appreciated, especially so that you listened at all, let alone alone that you want to listen some more. Thanks again, especially so as this particular blog was themed around Francesca Woodman ~ Zoolon aka George


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