cloud‘Magic Glue’ by Zoolon

I made quick pen and paper notes while I was in Belgium, hoping I could read back what I wrote. My handwriting is useless. The photo above I took from ground level in a wild garden in a town called Braine Le Chateau. Here’s a few of the random words I wrote down, unedited, just as they arrived in my head. I’m a songwriter, I’ve never claimed to be a poet or a regular writer.

The sky isn’t angry, it’s in love with itself. A new arrival. Humidity. Air so sticky. A fat bellied storm full of whiskers, waves and wonders.

Sunshine clouds and blue skies mating. Sweating. Together they don’t care who’s watching.

Old man’s beard on flint. Bonfire sparks morph into angry bolts, split trees in two, get pissed off with rubber soled shoes spoiling the show. Blinding light wants to be blind darkness. Then it blinks. Eyes shut easy. Succeeds, then vanishes. Safety. What they call blue still looks yellow to me.

In a hollowed out trunk of a dying willow tree the blue tits go feed from an unwritten menu of titchy insects. The dragonflies leave all well alone aside from other dragonflies. Territorial dogfights. Winner takes all.

Baby black moorhens paddle in the reeds in hidden corners of the lake. Safe? No water rats. A heron glides above. Doesn’t need binoculars. Just checking things out. For now.

Sound Art is a choir of multicultural birds jamming. They make it up as they go along. Sing whatever they fancy on the day. Best free dawn to dusk gig in town.

The forest of pine silhouettes blankets dead earth in nowhere land. I’m not lost, but feel lost there. The garden has its own secret history. Tries to share with me, but we’re on different wavelengths. There’s something dark about the decades empty stables. No idea why.

Mushrooms and magic until they come to mow the grass. A crime against something? Buttercups, most likely. Maybe daisies, but I don’t think they’re that bothered.

Outside the big black gates a two way lane no wider than an obese human. No place for a fast getaway. Not safe to put your foot down.

I saw my first eagle today.

In the big garden of that place I felt like it knew the meaning of magic. I wonder if I’ll ever get a lyric out of that.

For some unaccountable, maybe easily understood thinking about it, reason, the garden reminded me of a lyric from my song on the Dream Rescuer album, ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’. Time for a reprise. I hope you like it;

Lastly, the magical Aurora from Norway and her take on Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’.

Apart from the Bowie number, Copyright ©2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

77 thoughts on “UNDER A YELLOW SKY

  1. “best free dawn to dusk gig in town” So well put. I have been in London for the past couple of weeks and my husband and I like to take walks in the evening. so much bird song then and all day long. I think the birds at home are quieter!


    1. Thanks, Anne. I just wish I’d had my stereo recorder with me. To capture a whole mass of birds singing then working with it back in the studio would have made perfect sound art.


    1. An odd world. My current compulsion for mushrooms – every day for weeks now – seems to have cured my over the top allergies. Clever people want to investigate. I’m thinking of ignoring them.


  2. Congrats on your first eagle! They’re quite majestic to behold. I find clouds really inspiring too. Great writing!


  3. And he “unclaims” poet. By thine own petard, George! The notes so prove. And, what notes! Mine own back-pocket note-catcher, heavily ensconced in a zipper high-mil width plastic bag to battle daily – or nearso – rains just phoned me to complain why it seems to suffer simpler sentences.
    By All Means. It is the rain-washed notes made salvageable by carefully wind-and-sun drying on park bench armrests – if it takes that, or more! – makes my mind water for what will come forth.


    1. I should point out the I am the full ticket in terms of dyslexia – colourblind also (or so they tell me). Fully paid up in large sums of money – parents paid a few years back – quality dyslexic, so you’ll understand I rarely carry pen and paper. Odd really, nature demands pen and paper over Word documents and spellcheck. A great experience in that massive Belgian, ‘gone to seed’ garden. The odd thing, in all of Belgium – a went to a mass of places – not a single cat to be seen. That’s been playing on my mind.


  4. Doc JGC, ‘Magic Glue” is a fabulous photo igniting loads of thoughts. I really like your big garden random words, especially “The sky isn’t angry…”, and I absolutely love, ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’. ~ PM


      1. ‘He explained the importance of the hypnotic sky’ – genius. Plus, so much rhymes with ‘sky’. Brain overload on the way, PM.


      2. You know what, Rexie is on a roll here. Your Rexie line here, and your hypnotic line before are the first two lines of a lyric. Theft I know, apologies. I was just about to record the first vocal take of ‘Francesca’ – might/will put that on ice for the minute. Random thoughts abound. Hope your day has been a good one ~ Doc JGC


  5. I’m allergic to clever people,
    so I guess George,
    we have something in common.
    Luckily I’ve found, clever people
    are also, not so common.


    1. Thank you. If it wasn’t for spellcheck on Word I would never have got into blogging. Truly, I am dyslexic. I still have the pages and pages the boffin lady produced when she grilled me and set weird tests over two days from a while back. At that time I failed everything. With her help thereafter I found ways around the problem and my brain kicked in. Thanks again ~ George


    1. Thanks. I appreciate you visiting. I think you have to enter the blog via ‘visit’ on the Reader rather than click the title. Aurora should play that way. Thanks again ~ Zoolon


    1. Thank you, Ka. If I could make an income out of sound art then that’s what I’d spend my life doing. Sadly not, but the birds, the sea, the wind all do it for free better than I ever could. Thanks for the visit ~ Zoolon aka George


  6. I missed this. Saw it on twitter and came searching here. FYI. My comments are not going through. Your last post , I wrote somethin and it didn’t show so I told Akismet.
    All praise to this post. Can’t appreciate it enough, Lord Zoolon.


  7. Your song at the end is awesome. That’s a cool Bowie cover too, I’ve never heard that one before. So when you wrote this poem, did any melody accompany the words in your head at the time?


    1. Thanks. I have melody in my head all the time. Sometimes that’s not a great thing but mostly it is. I think that day it was sound art I was thinking about. If I’d had my stereo recorder with me I could have captured the sounds going on there and manipulated them back in the studio.


  8. You are what you are at any particular moment……….keep writing I could see
    Your words As Sheldon Yoursly


    1. For ages the old man has been at me, telling me to write what I feel instead of just what I see. I guess this was me trying it out. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you.


  9. I believe I shall have to say, I wholeheartedly second and ditto all the fantastic comments on UNDER A YELLOW SKY!! Bravo, Z Bravo!!! I especially loved your lines – “Sunshine clouds and blue skies mating. Sweating. Together they don’t care who’s watching.” Those, My Dear Friend are the words and writing of a poet! Please do not think you are not a poet! Writing lyrics for music is just a specialized niche for a poet.

    I really loved your stream of consciousness writing! I find that type of writing ends up being some of my best and I think that may be true here for you also? Do keep writing! I find it helps me to write and describe what I see in my head or real life as if it is shots from the opening of a movie scene.

    I have found the following book very instructive for me and perhaps you may have an interest in it too. It dramatically improved my writing – “Poemcrazy – Freeing Your Life With Words – here is the link to amazon.com – https://www.amazon.com/Poemcrazy-Freeing-Your-Life-Words/dp/0609800981/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528780680&sr=8-1&keywords=poemcrazy+freeing+your+life+with+words

    And, Z – thank you ever so much for your long term and consistent support of my words and blog!!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have such a great follower!!!


    1. Thanks, Chuck. Somewhere along the way the dyslexic that is me learned how to rhyme words, hence writing lyrics is relatively easy for me. The skill of the poet in be able to paint pictures with words is one – if not totally alien to me – thing I need to work on. It was my father who has been – for ages – pushing me to write words re what I feel when looking at life rather than writing just what I see. Not unlike when you wrote ‘what I see in my head’. I guess I’m a work in progress in that regard. I’ll check out the link you sent, and thanks again for your kind words. ~ Zoolon aka George


      1. Hey, Z – Aren’t we all works in progress? In some degree or another. I think you might really enjoy that book, I did! Having read you – UNDER A YELLOW SKY should help convince you of your skill and talent. You might want to give Haiku a try?? It’s short, simple, to the point and done! Only 3 lines – 1st = five syllables; 2nd = 7 syllables; 3rd = 5 syllables! I think you might really like it. Give some of my haiku’s a look see. Keep writing My Friend!!! Thanks again for all your support for my words!


      2. Thanks again, Chuck. I think the winner would be if I could write a lyric and produce a song using Haiku. A big ask, yet one day I’ll give it a try!


    1. Thank you. What you don’t know is that I can’t butter toast. A major problem when you like toast. Breaking eggs shells is me at my worst. Can’t do it. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George


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