belgium6‘Too Good to be True?’ – unknown sculptor

I’ve just returned from the Walloon region of Belgium where – at least I think I’m right – every word in the local dialect begins with a ‘Z’ and most words have at least 72 syllables and the letter ‘B’ is a rare inclusion. Odd and hardly dyslexic friendly. It doesn’t help that I’m a certified 100% dyslexic. However, I did learn one of the rare – seriously rare – shorter words. ‘Zeezult’. It means ‘sea salt’ in English. I know it’s definition is ‘sea salt’ because it was written on the side of a salt cellar and I worked it out for myself – 10 out of 10 for me for once! Sadly, I only got to learn just this one – not that useful on a day to day basis – word, unless I was (according to Wiki) ‘seeking to stabilize irregular heartbeats’. It would have helped if I could have read or spoken Walloon a bit. I got some – well at least I thought they were – anti-allergy tablets there but have since found out the hard (?) way that they were Walloon laxatives. The girl with a perma grin in the pharmacy didn’t speak English so I ordered using hand gestures. I guess I used the wrong ones, or maybe she was just having a laugh. Not good.

Anyhow, the reason I’m posting today is much more important than my lack of fluency in Walloon. Recently, the talented poet Vivian Zems commissioned me to put one of her poems to song per my ‘Your Poetry to Song’ product – see left of screen for the link.

Here’s her new song ‘Avidity’ I composed and put together using Vivian’s poem, followed  by a reprise of another of Vivian’s poems I turned into song from a while back called, ‘Older & Wiser’. I hope you enjoy the both of them;

Vivian is a seriously accomplished poet and can be found at Smell The Coffee





39 thoughts on “‘AVIDITY’ – YOUR POEM PUT TO SONG

      1. Yes, not a long way from UK, I travel through it to get there as well, taking the Dunkirk route. Uh, I loved Oostende as well, so desolate touristy and almost industrial, I found it very inspiring. Everyone can go for beauty, d’you know what I mean? Hehe. And Ghent, at least top five of my favorite cities.

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      2. I never made it to Ghent – I’m jealous now. Leuven was something else as was Nivelles. I live just this side of La Manche/Channel so am over in France a lot, as often as I can afford the time. Dunkirk I like in a weird way, although they’ve just changed the road layout there – defeating any Satnav that hasn’t updated. There’s a restaurant going out of the town in the north direction I really like. A shame I’ve forgotten the name. I got locked in the loo there once mid afternoon when the place was shutting. The waitress didn’t realize I was there – a long story, yet I was sober; I don’t drink!

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  1. Always lovely to see collaboration create a positive experience for poet and composer. I’ve learned the hard way I shouldn’t collaborate any more, but you’ve clearly found the right balance to make the occasional activity good for you. 🙂

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    1. It’s a good product is ‘poem to song’. I’ve not done that many on WP so far, but the collaboration concept where I produce music to order – either online or offline customers – is the kind of thing I really enjoy. It’s my ‘growing’ market right now.

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  2. Last night I had a dream that you were in a newspaper – not front page but ZOOLON was there as headline and your picture. Does this mean anything to you? You were famous 🙂

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    1. Thank you. If dreams come true I want that one, not to be famous just successful in an industry where 1% of all artists get to share 99% of available income. Have a great day ~ George

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      1. Yes, the fact that you were not front page maybe was significant but that you were there bringing goodness to folks. It was positive anyway, and just wanted to pass it on. May your work be God lead.

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