‘A Chair’ by Someone Who Wanted a Chair

This is a 100% true. Just up from where I live there’s a road that I’m beginning to think is in another dimension in time and space. A big concept to take in.  I’ll explain. The road in question leads out of town into the countryside behind the cliffs. It has an all-important bus stop there and I think the bus stop is somehow the key that unlocks the way in and out of this ‘other dimension’.

Take yesterday, I’m driving along and by that bus stop I see a young mother holding at her breast in a kind of cuddling, yet keeping safe maternal type pose, a small white Yorkshire terrier. Nothing particularly unusual in that? I guess not, yet all the while she’s carrying the mini dog she has a little kid, a girl who has no canine-like features, just a regular kid – about 2-3 years old I reckon – on a dog lead. True! A kid on a dog lead! How opposite to all we’ve come to know and understand is that. So, odd as it’s the other way around in my dimension. I got to wondering if when the kid gets a treat is it a normal biscuit or a dog biscuit? After that I had a flood of random thoughts hit me, too many to deal with in one go.

Anyhow, that got me thinking in a ‘putting 2 + 2 together’ way. You see, just last week at the same bus stop I saw this local, by all accounts, totally blind man who I hear is a really good bloke everyone likes and it’s a real a shame he’s got the eyesight of a bat – although I don’t personally know him – resting one hand on his white walking stick and with the other hand he’s got open an AA Map Book that he’s totally engrossed reading like he isn’t blind! Maybe, he gets to see things in that ‘other place’ the other side of the bus stop and just had a bit of a residual sight when he entered back into our world? Who knows.

Obviously, I need to investigate some more, but something is going on, I’m sure of that. I’m just glad I’ve got a car and don’t have to take the bus out of town.

I’m now wondering if it’s the bus itself I should be focusing on, more than the bus stop. If I go missing having risked a bus journey, you’ll all know where I am and hopefully you will send out a rescue party into time and space.

zoolon other place‘Zoolon Through the Bus Stop’ by Zoolon

Now for some music. An instrumental piece I composed called ‘Time Out’. It has that other dimension in time and space feel.

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49 comments on “THE BUS STOP & THE CANINE KID”

  1. I know these places too
    Be wise when venturing into these places
    There sneaky they just slipped up and there
    There,it happen to me on Tuesday,I almost was crushed behind an SUV and a van just mi,ding my own business,suddenly my car is the can…oh well I’m still hear to talk about to recognize your dimension …….it’s all good my friend….Happy Trails


  2. This guy who is blind , you took a side shot of him.
    And sad about that little girl. You know , when you step out of the confines of your home , there are lot of distressing things to see.


    1. Lady Yasmin the second photo was meant to be me, looking as I imagined I’d look in the ‘other dimension’. The blind guy is a good bloke; it’s just so odd he was actually reading a map book. Why would anyone have a kid on a lead? I still can’t work that out. The kid looked happy enough. Odd. How are you anyway? Did Twitter deliver you the fairy godmother?


      1. You are in the first pic, Lord Zoolon with a chair?
        I can’t for the world of me imagine a child on a lead , seriously .omg, the kid had no business looking happy.
        No, no fairy god mother for me lol no magic wand !
        I am fine 😊, thank you , Lord Zoolon. You be well too.


  3. JGC, I like the humor in your title, ‘A Chair’ by Someone Who Wanted a Chair. That bus stop sounds very Twilight Zone-ish, an oddity for sure. ‘Time Out’, captures the eerie otherworldly strangeness of the bus stop so well. ‘Sample Play (4) – Drum Sticks’, is a terrific piece of sound art, the video is amazing, George, I can only imagine there must have been so much editing. Hope you’ve had some sunshine today, enjoy the rest of your Thursday. ~ PM


    1. Thanks PM. The chair was an annoying thing. I got the driving gig I could have done without on a cold, windy day up above the cliffs and he who wanted the chair insisted on smoking a cigarette – hence outside – but ‘couldn’t possibly enjoy coffee and nicotine’ sat on just a picnic bench. Odd. Enjoy your day ~ JGC


      1. I do see shadows, so at least the sun was out. The benches in the foreground of your photo look like an accident waiting to happen, how in the world…?! Maybe sit facing out, with your back to the table. Those benches must be for children. Thank you, it should be a good day, no sun today though, overcast and chilly. You must have our sun, please enjoy it, if you don’t mind I’d like it back for the weekend! Have a good Friday, George. ~ PM


      2. I think we’ve nicked all the good weather for this boring Royal wedding thing going on here. I like the idea of sitting facing out on the benches. There were four of us there inc. a mad woman visiting my lot from Devon. None of us facing each other would have made the best photograph – in fact I wish I could scroll back time and take that shot! ~ JGC


      3. Thank you for a good laugh, the silliness prevails! It would have made an exceptional photo, I can already imagine some wonderful title and or captions for such a shot. Perhaps you can stage the photo, it really is brilliant!


      4. Now you’re talking! Maybe some wind machines too, so it looks like the spot light is coming from a UFO, with a cherry-picking claw! Is this approaching the edge of the creative slippery slope?


      5. Playing Russian roulette without facing each other? The revolver could be passed around by a skeleton in a wedding dress?


  4. good grief. Did the woman have the child with a dog collar around it’s neck? i hope not.But i have to admit I used to have my son with a stretchy “leash” on his wrist that was attached to my wrist. He was a bolter and it was the only way i could keep him with me when he was age 2-3.


    1. Thanks. I was driving at the time so I didn’t get a clear look. I think it was a harness. I only say that because if I’d spotted a neck collar I’d have reported it to the police straight away!


      1. True. I had a potentially violent vagrant glued to me in Lille yesterday and for some odd reason I said, “hash tag soz” and he ran away! Neat.


  5. OH MY GOSH, did you see my sister-in-law?!?!?!?! Seriously, she cuddles her f***ing yorkies and gushes more love on them than her own kid. This explains so much–she just came from another dimension, is all…. 🙂

    But I should be honest: I’m one of thooooose moms who used the leads. When y’all got twins runnin’ in different directions, those leads are vital! But if there’s just the one kid? No, honey, it’s called her HAND. Hold it. 🙂


    1. You best check to see if your sister-in-law travels by bus, or has a particular bus stop she hangs around with. She’s obviously an alien. Worrying, I was hoping there was just the one entrance to this other dimension but now it seems there is at least one more. More worrying.


  6. LOL… Zoolon… If you only knew how my brain latches onto this kind of thing. The Twilight Zone-ish bug never dies, and my “what if” knows no limits. (Outer or otherwise.) Terrific post, and the instrumental is perfect for it. Hugs.


    1. Thanks, Teagan. Confusion makes the brain latch on to things and travel in different, unexpected directions. I’d hate to be someone who never gets confused. That would be so boring – the death of ‘what if’.


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