I was having a breakfast of hot chocolate & pain aux raisins in the café this morning when I spotted this black bin enjoying a cup of coffee. He didn’t have a lot to say for himself. Odd.

A couple of nights back, about 1am I saw from my attic window two little fox cubs bouncing around in the snow, playing whatever games fox cubs play. The best moment of 2018 so far.

Also, just now, at the bottom of the stairs I spotted a jet-black woodlice looking a bit confused. I’d never seen a black one before. Beautiful. They’re usually greyish. A good-looking woodlice for sure. Had to be a girl woodlice. I named her Anita Woodlice because she was ‘neat’. Gave her a helping hand, via a table mat outside onto plant pot. Some people think woodlice are ugly, but to me the only living things that are ugly stand on two legs and live off their ego. Trump, Boris, Farage and a few others come to mind. Whatever, Anita will be safe in the plant pot. Anyway, to the point of this post. 

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

This is a quote by Plato the philosopher. The thing is, I bet Plato never had his music nicked. If he had I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have written a set of swoony words.

In early in 2012 I wrote the song, ‘The Chatter of the Ghosts’. I put out a demo version with, in hindsight a very questionable, maybe amateurish is a better word, video I’d produced. To me it was just another number from my ‘Liquid Truth’ Plato themed concept album. It was my first year at uni and I was still learning. Anyway, by sheer boring to explain fluke I found out some bloke in Asia had got hold of the video and somehow uploaded it on YouTube with his name as the artist. Basically he put it out there as his own work, even though it was my melody, me playing the instruments, my lyrics and me singing. He’d got tons more views than I ever did. Once he’d got my polite (not) comment telling him he’d been found out, the vid disappeared instantly. Odd really, as I said, it was only ever a demo version. I suppose he must have liked it. I guess that’s why I put the copyright symbol at the end of my posts these days. Whatever your art genre might be, there’s a lesson in this story.

I hadn’t really thought about this for ages until I found the song in question link to the vid on a document on a memory stick the other day. Demo or not, I hope you like it;

Here’s a song from the band, Wang Chung. Scroll on 30+ years and the singer is the bloke who taught me a lot about songwriting. 8 million+ hits!

Wang Chung aside, Copyright © 2012 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

40 comments on “THE THIEF FROM THE EAST”

  1. JGC, lucky Anita! Perhaps she’s been saved, that is, from being crushed under foot. I very much like your definition of ugly, “stand on two legs and live off their ego”. Your demo is terrific, I have one particular phrase circling around in my mind, “Arrogance of kindness”, that’s really a lot to think about, at least for me, thank you. Wishing you the best of what remains of the day. ~ PM


    1. Thank you, PM. In terms of this song the ‘arrogance of kindness’ was the sort of thing the prisoner – who let’s face it had no idea he was a prisoner as the cave was all he had ever known – would have been (well the way I thought it through) told by his jailer that he’s done everything for him, fed him and kept him alive, what more could he want. It could apply to anything. Like a person who gives loads to charity then tells everyone what they’ve done. Is arrogance best friends with ego? I think so. Have a great day. JGC


      1. At least now with everything dated and copyright symbols all over the place I can prove, if I ever needed to that my work is mine. Plus Bandcamp and ReverbNation are proof of my work.


    1. Thank you, Lady Yasmin. I’m surprised anyone would want to read, but always appreciate it when people do. You are on a roll with your poetry on Twitter. Clever layout and great words.


    1. Thank you, Anne. Just along from the coffee drinking bin, at the other end of the cafe garden was a new pink handled broom. I did wonder if the pair were meant to be on a date, and she was having second thoughts.


  2. Ah, Friend. As a teacher of composition, I have seen many students fail a simple writing class by ripping things off online and slapping a their own names on them, not thinking about how much better that writing is than theirs, or the hyperlinks are still in the text, or the change in font, etc….


    1. Thank you. I suppose if someone wants to nick the work of others they could at least do it in style. I don’t think I could have got away with as a student. The dyslexic effect at that time, before getting advice on how to see words better etc. would have guaranteed I’d mess up big time if I had a go at plagiarism.


      1. Not so much a Wiki as either really lame vague websites like WebMD, or from paper mills like Course Hero. What’s worse is that the paper mills have looped around the plagiarism detectors. I’ve just been in the “biz” long enough to spot when a student’s writing suddenly changes. 🙂


      2. “I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” It wasn’t Jimi Hendrix who said that, honest! It’s mine all mine.


  3. That is a salutary lesson in the ease of plagiarism in these digital days. I really liked your song and particularly like the visuals!
    How do you copyright your work on a blog? I think I should do the same on my little blog, but don’t know how to.


    1. Thank you, Cathy. I’m glad you liked it. I’m no legal expert but basically any copyright claims need evidence of who ‘did it’, ‘wrote it’ first. You just need the copyright symbol – if you use Word go to ‘insert’ then ‘symbol’ and you’ll find one there, or just type ‘copyright symbol’ into Google. Add the year you produced the work and get the right words that fit your genre. A Google search should bring that up as well. Best of luck and thanks again.


  4. I really enjoyed this post, Zoolon, not only because of great music of yours, but also great visuals. The bin enjoying some coffee can’t help but make one wonder…the foxes sound adorable, and Anita was one lucky gal! I also like your take on “ugly.” Very good! I’m also glad you found your video and are now adding the copyright symbol. Most blog versions have a copyright default paragraph, too. I don’t see one on yours unless I’m missing it. I have one on my sidebar if you’d like to take a look. Most of my blogging friends have it, as well. It’s not possible to know everything that is posted on the internet and if your work has been used. But having this default copyright statement adds a little peace of mind. 🙂 Have a great day!


    1. Thank you. I’m the bloke who prefers animals to people most of the time. ‘Two legs’ is often the ugliest thing on the planet, although to look at I honestly don’t see how anything living can be called ugly.
      Luckily, I’m a bit more professional with copyright than I was at university. I add my bespoke ‘copyright’ note at the end of each WP post and at Bandcamp and ReverbNation where I market my albums the copyright issue is dealt with at source.
      I guess if I was looking for a positive I’d say in some obscure way, having someone nick my work is a complement.
      Thanks again for taking time out to read and comment. I appreciate that. Zoolon aka George


      1. Oh, I’m sorry, George. I probably missed the copyright info then. I just wanted to help. And you’re right; if someone nicks your work, it is a complement. There’s that bright side. 🙂 And you’re welcome. I always enjoy your posts and music, but keeping up and commenting on blogs isn’t always easy. Take care, Lauren


  5. Lucky Anita, I bet she’s still enjoying her life by now haha I love all the songs you shared! “Everyday’s a crossroads” As well as the last part— to catch the eye of a ballerina dancing to just one time. Beautiful imagery!! You are very talented xxx


  6. WHO IS THIS GUY ON YOUTUBE WHO STOLE YOUR WORK? LET ME AT EM!!! Seriously, I will give him an earful. Listening to your song now. You’re so talented. I love music.


    1. Thanks. It was back in 2013 when a family member was checking out my music when we discovered I’d been robbed. I did have a few words with the culprit. I never found out who exactly he was, but got it sorted. Thanks for you offer though.


  7. The copy-chore-write wright, rite? Pal Bruce Jewett has his matter-of-course at the entryway to his archival entreaties to peruse. By comparison, poor louse held up in sad company of underbestowed duo-legged. Black, you say? My. word: at least the varlet swiped the work and not the bug. That would have been unconscionable. You were fortunate: shame apparently still works (sometimes). How was the foray? I rather had expected you to be gone s.o.m.e. time.


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