beatles(classic, official Beatles ‘Back in the USSR’ tie from way back. To eBay or not eBay, that is the question)

How can someone be busy and bored at the same time? I quite good at that. Anyway, a stab at a new lyric? Not sure. As I was wondering where words come from, this one took to the road sign that read ‘Weird Street’. I decided not to stand in its way.


The second-hand turns

Feels like I’m slipping through time’s net

Tick tock; tick tock

A heartbeat’s silhouette


The Queen of Hearts in handcuffs

Dragged before the King at court

He asks her, ‘What you guilty of?

She answers, ‘Getting caught’


The desert sun’s a spotlight

Showcasing the dead; the camels; the dunes

While grand Victorian ladies

Watch through telescopes from pink hot air balloons


It’s safe inside the slaughterhouse

If you don’t have four legs

Safer still in Camelot

Just don’t go stealing dragon’s eggs


Hitler took the poison pills

He wouldn’t have it any other way

Santa Claus took to drinking

Totalled his reindeer’s and his sleigh


The vanquished never take the bribe

And victims seldom lie

Go tell that to Mr Mountain Top

He’s best friends with the two-faced sky


I’m dreaming by day

Save my scheming for night

I look for the answers

But they’ve all taken flight

Time for some music. Here’s an older song I wrote some might have heard before, ‘Busking in Berlin’ that I’ve recently added to Zoolon’s ReverbNation profile. I hope you like it;

Copyright © 2013 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

34 thoughts on “TICK TOCK & MR MOUNTAIN TOP

  1. George, I thoroughly enjoyed your new lyric. I love the juxtaposition of strong images you’ve created with your words. The following verse may be my favorite, reminding me Cairo and a movie with Ralph Fiennes,

    “The desert sun’s a spotlight
    Showcasing the dead; the camels; the dunes
    While grand Victorian ladies
    Watch through telescopes from pink hot air balloons”

    Wonderful new lyric, as is “Busking in Berlin”. Have a good afternoon and evening. ~ Mia


    1. Thank you, Mia. You probably guessed but I just wrote down words as they arrived in my head. I did have a melody – not mine – spinning around and this one does sing better than it reads. The only change I made to that verse was ‘grand’ instead of ‘well fed’. Enjoy your day. JGC


      1. I wish I knew. I’m enjoying it. Maybe because I had some good news on the music front. Some important people have shown a bit of interest in me. Fingers-crossed time.


  2. Well this is one lyric I can’t let my kids see…but I dig how each stanza’s its own seed for super-fast flashfiction, a vignette of a vignette where the story’s just one sole moment, and the reader’s imagination swells around the seed, and grows.


      1. Wee stories can be like that, those big clumps of snowflakes that look like cotton balls when they come down, and then you see all the little flakes and their icy connections just before they melt in your hand.


  3. Too much Tick
    when there’s
    not enough Tock
    Don’t be seen
    don’t get caught
    handcuffing the Queen
    in Camelot
    Liking the view
    from your Mountain top


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