(A pod of refugee helium balloons)

The above is a photo I took yesterday in a supermarket. Its full title should read, ‘A Pod of Refugee Helium Balloons Hiding from The Bextiteer Children Armed with Knitting Needles & Ladders’. That was my take on it anyhow.

A true story. A couple of days ago I got asked the most stupid question anyone has ever been asked. A mate of mine is about to take his Driving Theory Test – the test you must pass before you get to take your actual driving test. So, he asks me the question, “How many times are you allowed to drive round a roundabout?”  Obviously, I looked at him strangely, then said, “Seriously?” He says “Yes”. I say, “Until you run out of fuel, I suppose.” He says, “Are you sure?” I say, “Positive. Why do you want to know that?” His reply, “I’ve been worried sick I might get asked it in my theory test.” And I thought I was random!

Here’s a new lyric for a new melody. It’s a twist on The Allegory of The Cave. I’m not quite there with the finished song yet, so it’s just the words for now.


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

You say to me the writings on the wall

That I should go chase new horizons

Me? I think I’m heading for a fall


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

To a place where I don’t want to be

Trading Neverland for Fat Cat Central

Trading The Sea for Concrete Destiny


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

A flock of suited, booted fools, they lead the way

The Pied Pipers on his lunch break

Some they tumble; others stray


Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

Road signs, railway lines and arrows pointing

Road signs

Railway lines

And arrows pointing

Road signs, railway lines and arrows so disappointing

As ever it probably sings better than it reads. Here’s a song from the ‘Rainbows End’ album. It’s called, ‘All Winter Long’. I hope you enjoy;

The ‘YOUR POETRY TO SONG’ button is at the top of the page if you’re interested.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know Nandita. Someone else mentioned that same prob a few weeks back. I checked it out then but couldn’t find anything out of order. Weird or what.


    1. Thanks Shey. The bloke is hopeless. A couple of weeks back he thought Kim Jong-un was going to nuke the place in Devon where he lives on the basis that he ‘might’ and that it was in range of Kim’s missiles on the basis (x2) that the Pacific Ocean is only a ‘lake’ so N. Korea couldn’t really be that far away. I had to point out that the clue was in the word ‘ocean’ and why on earth would Devon be his target of first choice!


  1. Reminded me of Jack Kerouac. Lord Zoolon, always amazed when I read your posts. You have a creative bent of mind. That is why you are an artist and a musician.


    1. A major compliment, Lady Yasmin, although I admit I had to look up who Jack Kerouac was. Having read about him I think he was a million times better than me. Thank you for the comparison – I see he drunk himself to death. At least I don’t drink!


      1. lol I know you don’t drink , Lord Zoolon. Well, the verse was kinda beat so well, I couldn’t call you Allen Ginsberg cos he looks not so good , pardon moi and Jack sprung to mind as he is a looker and well, good looker I mean so … anyways I am sure you got my point, only I feel I am rambling , I just wanted to say your verse is awesome , Lord Zoolon !


      2. Two compliments on the same day. I’d check myself in the mirror only the last time I looked it shattered. Thanks again, Lady Yasmin


  2. I love your title for the captured helium balloons. The written words of your song read as poetry to me. I can envision the scenes. The symbols you keep repeating are a like a drumbeat or a chorus.


    1. Thank you. I hate the Brexit obsession. One day I’d like to work in Europe, probably France and they’re taking it away from me along with a load of other things I care about – like refugees and free movement. I’ve got to write a song about this soon.


  3. LOL! I think the same of those balloons, especially after seeing how kids like mine yank the poor buggers around. Your friend sounds…hmmm. Well…yeah. I’m sure he has a good heart. 🙂

    Lyric’s got some fun images, especially the Neverland for Fat Cat Central. Such a warping there, I dig it.


    1. One of the names I get called is The Pan so Neverland came to me when writing this. My mate says some weird things and asks weird questions. I’ve got them all written down.


      1. Nice! Love your sound. Followed you on SoundCloud. I’m a songwriter too. Play piano. So I love meeting people such as yourself.


      2. Thanks. I think I followed you back on SoundCloud. I mainly play guitar/mandolin etc. but also the piano. I can only compose on a piano with my eyes shut. Weird but true. The thing I miss most because time is never on my side, is sound art – capturing sounds and manipulating them I could do pretty much forever but there’s no money in it. Keep playing you piano and writing your songs. Zoolon aka George


      3. That is so unique; playing with your eyes closed. Must be so relaxing. I play by ear myself, cannot read a line of music but can pick up songs well (or so I’m told). Sound art sounds fascinating- don’t need to do it for money sounds like too much fun to miss out on! I want to record a few songs this year, send a demo so that It could be used for tv/films. Mainly ambient piano stuff.


      4. I only discovered that that was my best way of composing on a piano recently. I’ve had a few pieces used as background stuff for people, and a couple of piano tracks on my last album. It’s hard getting a break with TV/movies, I hope you can crack that market. That would be good. I’ve got a track out with Scandinavian noir/murder mystery companies at the moment. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I wish you every success.


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