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When I discovered it in the fridge I thought, ‘Brilliant, it may look like it’s been in the hands of a sculptor whose polished it a bit, but it’s a proper French croissant and it’s mine all mine’. The first clue that it wasn’t a croissant came when I picked it up and it weighed about what 20 sacks of croissants would weigh. So odd. The thing was, apart from the weight, there was also the smell – nothing like the magical scent of a croissant. I’ve checked it out and it’s called Oscypek (that word reads like it’s a kind of wild bird that has a habit of biting Australians), a surreal smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk from the Tatra Mountains of Poland. As cheese goes I’m sure it’s a really great cheese yet looking at it worries me. It has a certain presence that makes me uncomfortable. Odder, odd. Later a mate told me I must have ‘Taurophobia’. I hadn’t a clue what that was but found out it’s a fear of cheese. I hope not as my dinner tonight is a favourite of mine, macaroni cheese.


Anyway, I’ve been writing about turning ‘poems into songs’ recently (if you’re interested, see the link at the top of the page). I thought I’d reverse the process and try to convert one of my own lyrics to poetry and give it a new title;


Stars instead of streetlights

Two moons instead of one

Touch the edge of heaven

Give breath to a dying Sun

After the blaze of glory

Comes the flickering light

What’s left has no shadow

No vultures in flight

Take off this mask

See how it burns

In the game of Russian roulette

A weapon now rests at your temple,

Your time on the trigger just drags

Take off this mask

See how it burns

Give breath to a dying Sun

Don’t blink, smile or hide

Please, whatever you are or might have been

Or maybe will be, maybe not, just

Give breath to a dying Sun

Like I’ve always said, writing a poem is harder than writing a lyric!  Music time. Here’s a short collection of my songs just posted on ReverbNation. I’m testing ReverbNation out in terms of another promotion source for my stuff. I’ll see how it goes. I hope you enjoy listening.

If you want to buy either of my two latest albums, ‘Rainbows End’ or ‘Dream Rescuer’ the link is via the cover art on this page.

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30 comments on “AN AFTERMATH & A PHOBIA”

      1. Thanks again. I’ll drop into Holland and Barrett and take a look. ‘No Moo Melty’ is a great name. It sounds like someone exotic from the far east. Maybe she could be my backing vocalist.


      2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him. That’s a pity he sounds worth listening to/looking at. I don’t busk at all. I saw a girl busker over there the other week armed with a violin she couldn’t play although she obviously thought she could. I felt a bit sad for her. It’s a great city when you get away from the main shopping area.


      3. The Turner Contemporary has begun to turn the place around. Art is almost everywhere. I not sure I’d want to live there just yet, but almost.


  1. Stars instead of streetlights.. give breath to a dying son…and all of it , Lord Zoolon ..great lines , I would like to write something like this. Maybe read this again and get inspired.


    1. Thanks Lady Yasmin. I wrote the original words about 4 years ago when I though the world was about to end after a nuclear bomb was dropped. I guess nothing much has changed since then.


    1. They tell me that because this is a ‘business’ website access to things like re-blogging are denied – forgetting I paid a load of money for this! The bloke I corresponded with could see my point and said he’d see what he could do to change things as he’s had this issue before. Will anything happen? Probably not.


      1. Probably not. But it is not logical that a blog, even if it is a business one, should denied access to the ‘free exposure’ of new readers. PS: BTW, truly liking your latest album. Your phrasing reminds me, at times, a bit like a singer in another group. It took me some time but I finally figured out who. 🙂


      2. Before I glazed over reading their replies I think their logic is that as It’s a business website no one except the owner should effect changes to it or be able to do things with it. How they got ‘re-blog’ into the equation I can’t work out. I’ll chase them up again. On a happier note I glad you’re liking the album.


  2. I have a fear of people with a fear of cheese – kidding 😉 I think this is the first time I’ve seen lyric turned into poem, the opposite way is more common for sure. I like the result!


    1. Thanks, Christy. I’ve been looking at my old uni album Liquid Truth (I really should re-record it), all about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and might do a few more wind-backs.


  3. Heaven forbid if my house is ever out of cheese, although my kids are so OCD about it that they can’t even handle those cheddar/mozzarella cheese sticks. Glad you didn’t just take a big hulking bite out of the cheese before realizing what it was. 🙂
    “Rexie” has a beautiful steady rhythm, like faith unshaken. Lovely stuff, Friend.
    And “Touch the edge of heaven”–that could be a story in and of itself, such a killer line. xxxxxxx


    1. Thanks for checking out my songs. I like cheese that looks like cheese. Cheddar is good. French smelly not so good. I was told this Polish one was good but didn’t fancy trying it!


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