marcel duchamp1

Marcel Duchamp (1898 – 1968)

I saw heavily armed police conduct an operation the other night.  I’d never seen anything like this before. From a safe distance, I wondered what it was all about. Drugs? Maybe terrorists? The police were there in numbers and impressively tooled up. Later, I got told that the operation was to flush out people traffickers.  No human being should be first robbed by, then forced to do the horrible things the trafficker scum force them to do.  Not that it helps anyone, but it prompted this new piece;


Left behind homeland for no land

Swapping loved ones for thugs

A new life, not as promised

Cherish the ‘needle of death’, forget the hugs


Leaving behind a flawed paradise

For one that never was

A new life, not as promised

‘Tough luck’, it’s just because

When you’re reduced to a nothing, a no-one

A piece of merchandise that’s all

Sold on to the pimp of the manor

Never again you’ll stand tall


Your dignity, your history, they get thrown to the wind

No new life as promised at all

They say, ‘Look at that slapper; that waste of space’

Those promises, they meant sweet f**k all


Some music? I think maybe a ‘Dream Rescuer’ rescuer is called for;

You might have noticed the ‘POETRY TO SONG’ tab at the top of this page – it’s right next to my ABOUT tag. It’s there because I have a special deal exclusively for WordPress followers. Should any poets out there want to have their poems turned into acoustic or modern folk genre ‘ROYALY FREE’ song for a fixed price of just £100 (or an equivalent for other currency via PayPal) then here’s a contact link;

I estimate that this fixed price that includes composition of melody, studio running costs, performance, production, mixing and mastering would, out there in the world outside WP, cost upwards of £3,000.

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