(a photo of a sequined cushion taken with a microscope attachment for a mobile phone – my excuse is that I was bored senseless at the time I took this)

Over what was a good Christmas – even though it mainly comprised of putting the spreadsheet of all spreadsheets in the history of spreadsheets together –  my mind did one of its random things and I found myself thinking about some old words I wrote three years ago. They were the words that eventually got changed a bit, jumbled around and became the lyric for the title track of an album entitled ‘Liquid Truth’ I made in the days before Zoolon. They read like this; 

All my bridges burnt

No sparkle in the stars

No redness in the sunset

Just the sad song of guitars

You have a version of truth I can’t believe

You’re all wrapped up in lies I’ve got to leave


You tell liquid truth from behind those eyes

But you hide it well behind indifferent sighs

How soon ‘not now’ just becomes ‘never’

And never nearly always means forever


Don’t expect to be loved when you hate yourself

You will find that’s not so good for your health

All I seek is to live by the truth

If I don’t leave right now I’ll surely lose


When will all the pieces come together?

And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever 

My composition, ‘Castaway’ as in the video below, is one of only two instrumental tracks on my ‘Rainbows End’ album. Both the instrumentals are piano pieces. Maybe the music fits the mood of the words from before? I hope you enjoy.

‘Rainbows End’, the album is available to buy and download at Bandcamp. It’s not expensive and has had its first great review. Below takes you to Bandcamp;

17 thoughts on “CASTAWAY

    1. Thanks Lana. I flipped a vegan burger (pulses and herbs) that I got in France – they’re into them now amazingly – yesterday as well, although I’m not vegan!


    1. Thank you. I keep mucking about with the layout trying to be creative, push my music, find space soon for the poems to song project add more of my business sidelines, all the time trying to make the page not look like I’m an awful ‘in your face’ salesman – I’d give up before I became an ‘in your face’ type person. I’m glad you like it.


    1. Thank you. There’s something eerie about playing the piano this way. I just shut my eyes and daydream to see what happens. Sometimes it sends out a message better than any lyric can. I don’t play piano that often but couldn’t be without the moments that I do.


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