george 4 (2)

(me in the days before I morphed into a frozen statue outside a pet shop in the High Street)


My past is in my pocket

My future still in my hands

I’ve thrown Excalibur into deep waters

I’ll settle for time’s shifting sands

Save your prayers for the others

Don’t kill time waiting on me

I don’t need your wasted words

I don’t need them, let it be

I’ve spent too long in the shadow of King Arthur

I’m sick and tired of playing the part of Lancelot

When all I ever needed, was my guitar and any song

‘Goodbye, farewell’ I’m leaving Camelot


I’ll try and forget how cold it is outside. A good time for a song about dreams, ‘Dream Rescuer’ by Zoolon aka George;

Next a song, ‘At the end of the Day’ by Amon Tobin from the truly amazing sound art album ‘Foley Room’;

Amon Tobin aside – Copyright © 2013 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



      1. When listening to it, the effect was more cerebral at first because it was so different. And I liked it. It made me have to explore from a wider range of emotions. Trying to explain and feeling unable to do so.

      2. Sorry I didn’t understand before. You mean Foley Room. Foley Room is the project all new students of sound art are given to analyse. It’s the classic starting point, so I know where you’re coming from now. Not that it’s that important, but I am dyslexic (I have the £500 ‘This bloke is a hopeless case’ report to prove it) so there are times when I get the words muddled.

      3. A hopeless case? Please, I was highly impressed that you took the time and effort to value communication and understanding. Most people would have just liked the reply and moved on without real communication. Never heard of Foley Room but intrigued now! Going to look it up tonight. Ty for that 🙂

      4. If you get into sound art try out Imogen Heap (she’s all over YouTube and has magic musical gloves she’s invented). She is a genius.

    1. I’ve got enough songs and words done for the new album but I might work on this angry poem/lyric in the New Year when I’m out of the shadow!

    1. Thanks for the Google+. I hadn’t realized about a reblog button and can’t find where it is to add anywhere on my WP. I’ve sent them a query.

    1. Thanks Marisselee. I just looked out of my window and everything is covered in frost. I’m guessing that if Lancelot did chuck the sword into the lake it would have ended on frozen water instead of sinking and my words would then be pointless. Hope it’s warmer where you are.

      1. Mine is a tropical country. I am yet to experience winter by next month. It is cloudy in my side but that is the kind of weather I like when I am writing. 😊

  1. I’m with Shey. Some music, a quiet elegance, would add some subtle power. Solo guitar, perhaps? Piano? Maybe guitar, the lone bard walking, Camelot at his back, the unknown before him…

    1. I could have called this my ditching The Pan moment. I like the piano idea. By the way, I should have replied on Soundcloud and I will. Well done. I’ve been busy, sorry. There’s a family gathering tomorrow and I’m rushed off my feet getting my act together.

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