compass2 (2)

(My dead compass, now in the care of the compass angel)

When I dropped my compass on the floor and saw it was dead my first thought was, ‘I’ll never make it to The North Pole now’. Then I remembered no one had ever fulfilled my ultimate Christmas wish of a dozen huskies, plus a sled so I’d probably not got there anyway. Then there’s the polar bears to think of. Maybe it was for the best.

I’d had the compass for about 10 years. It was only a cheap one I got in a Christmas stocking. Nothing special.   I never carry cash, yet the compass was always in my pocket.  I treasured that compass.

compass3 (2)

(the dead – some say it was compass-slaughter – compass laid to rest on a tasteless lavatory seat) 

Whatever, I recently made the video for my father’s new book release, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’. The background music to the video contains an extract of a new piece I composed recently called ‘Prohibition’. It’s one of the new numbers from my forthcoming album – yet to have a title. I hope you like both the vid and the music;

Notoriously Naked Flames from Mike Steeden on Vimeo.

If you want to check out the book some more then you can on the old boys WP page at;



Next a number from the best female songstress & sound artist on the planet, Imogen Heap, with her song ‘You Know Where to Find Me’

Imogen aside – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.





34 comments on “ZOOLON’S DEAD COMPASS”
  1. Lucy Brazier says:

    It’s a very cool compass (or was). Even cooler is that Mike is your dad!! He is a super writer and I am a big fan of his blog.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks, Lucy.

  2. Is there anything more intriguing than an old beautiful bronze compass? Thank you for the link to Imogen and to Mike’s novel….I look forward to reading his book.

    1. Zoolon says:

      It’s an odd thing how attached a person can get to something like a compass. I looked in the camping shops for a new one but they’re all about £30 or more.

      1. Like old pocket watches, they aren’t cheap! Good luck ! I’m so sorry it is missing

  3. rothpoetry says:

    Wonderful! Musician and writer all rolled into one! Keep up the good work!

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks for that, Dwight.

  4. Lana says:

    Sorry about your compass. Years ago mine rolled into a busy road in Lewes and narrowly got missed by a huge truck. It was a sickening moment.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Perhaps compasses are like dogs? Maybe we should keep them on a lead. Maybe if it was a fully trained compass it wouldn’t have rolled off into the road? I’m now wondering if it’s worth starting a compass training business. I’m glad yours was OK in the end, Lana

      1. Lana says:

        We should just keep them around our necks 🙂

      2. Zoolon says:

        That’s a good idea, except when you’re all dressed up in fur (faux obviously) on your way to the North Pole!

    1. Zoolon says:

      The statue looks OK but sat there at the top of the stairs it reminds me of the Dr Who episode where every time you lose eye contact or turn away the ‘statues’ – just like this one – move closer and closer still until they get you. These things worry me a bit.

      1. Dr Who worries everybody!

  5. Baydreamer says:

    What a beautiful compass, George, and I recently found out that Mike is your father. I love his writing, and it’s wonderful that you have this WP relationship, too. Beautiful music, as well. I’m also adding his book to my home library. Take care, Lauren

    1. Zoolon says:

      What a nice thing to say, Lauren. I feel something is missing now there’s not a compass in my pocket.

  6. I love your image with the compass….
    And it made me sad and happy simultaneously.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks Ka. I’ve replaced the compass with a fitness type watch that has a mind of its own!

  7. Ruth says:

    Just a note to say thanks for visiting my blog and clicking the like button. Best, Ruth in Pittsburgh

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you for visiting mine, Ruth in Pittsburgh. George in Dover.

  8. Firstly, my sympathy for your compass. There are certain gifts we are given that just…they can’t be let go. They seem so silly when we speak of them aloud, but in our hands, our minds, they are not mere trinkets. They glow with an imaginative power that other pieces in our lives simply can’t emanate.

    Secondly, that piano piece is killer. Honestly, George, it’s got the pacing, the sorrow, the reflection, the smallest hint of hope. Love it.

    Thirdly, I am sooooooooooooooooo super stoked for your father’s latest! Of course I must visit his site for a gracious congrats, but I’ll say so here, too. Congrats!

    Now it’s time to get the kids up for school. Ugh, these weekdays…

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks. I went and got a flash fitness watch to replace the compass. It’s confusing though. The watch seems to monitor me more than I thought it would. It’s told me I took 5 steps during the night. So odd. I’m glad you liked the piano piece. Sorry to take so long getting back to you, I’ve got engrossed in my last track for the new album. I’ve constant headaches in the process.

      1. Oh hey, I’m awful with correspondence, too. … what’s up with that? Hey, I love to write, so long as I don’t have to, like, write people.
        I used to have a FitBit, which sounds like your flash fitness watch. I should probably use it to make sure I don’t imbibe too much nonsense in a holiday of nonsense eating, buuuut I like nonsense eating. 🙂

      2. Zoolon says:

        Mine is a FitBit watch I think, I only called it ‘flash’ because it looks a bit flash. I’ll admit it’s great for calories and in the gym – it’s just the steps that is the surreal reading. We have a thing at Christmas where, as family, we opt for the meal we each like best. None of us eat the same thing, but somehow it all fits together.

      3. Oh how fun! We Midwesterners are sticklers for traditional meals, which can occasionally be nice–Thanksgiving turkey and all its trimmings–but also God-awful–my grandmother-in-law’s Christmas ham. Just…so, so disgusting, every bloody year. My elder relations are always annoyed I don’t make the kids eat that nonsense, but I’d rather have a peaceful (if indigestible) meal than one involving whining, slumping, and wasted food.
        Oh yes, those FitBits do get pretty flashing. I went for the cheap thing that my kids kept tapping so it would change screens. Rather annoying when doing the dishes. 🙂

  9. Lisa Orchard says:

    Maybe time for a new compass? I’m thinking of a dozen different storylines for that compass. I’m filing them away for later, when I need a new MS to work on! 🙂

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you, Lisa. In the end, after a short period of mourning, I got the compass app for my iPhone.

      1. Lisa Orchard says:

        That works, too. I’m glad you’re not mourning your loss any more. 🙂

  10. You did a damn fine job with your dad’s book vid. And I am now off to listen to this lady you recommend

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks. I think the word for the song on my latest post is ‘a belter’!

  11. Yir latest post is great. Espesh the songs xxxxxxx

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you, Shey

  12. prinxy says:

    Good Looking compass.. So sorry it’s broken.
    I tried playing your videos on my system, for some reasons it keeps telling me i can’t play them because of my current setup. Will have to check on them with my phone to see if i can listen to them…

    1. Zoolon says:

      That’s a shame. I just tried the music links out on my system – working fine. I had my piano piece backing the book promotion plus the amazing Imogen Heap. I hope it works on your phone.

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