(The floodlights know everything and rarely tell lies)

Here’s the basic lyric for a new acoustic number;


She dances while they quarrel

Over all the things he said

“I’m leaving you tomorrow”

He answers, “You go right ahead”


He wonders just what he’s done wrong

She’s not telling anyhow

He ends up looking shamefaced

She’s looking holier than thou


The best result you get in The Premier League of Life?

…The best result you get is a draw

You can cheat, you can take the dive

Do whatever you want, there’s no referee keeping score


The bits and pieces of what we’re made up of

Is the thing that makes us whole

No point in saying ‘Sorry’

When you’ve missed an open goal


The stand at the away end’s not a great place

To chill out and lose the blues

Eyes wide open, waiting for the final whistle

And the thing he can’t defuse


The best result you get in The Premier League of Life?

…The best result you get is a draw

You can cheat, you can take the dive

Do whatever you want, there’s no referee keeping score


No pre-match pint, no halftime pie

Kicking empty cans down an empty street

While she dances to a new tune now

Celebrating his defeat


Love’s like the ghost of relegation

You can’t see it, but you know it’s there

Only when the ball’s been kicked outside the ground

Does it vanish into thin air


A bit of music? Sampling this time. I composed this piece called ‘Decider’ a while back. It maybe fits the mood of the words.

Next, a Jarvis Cocker weird and dark number, ‘I Will Kill Again’.

I was asked me to describe the musical content of the ‘Dream Rescuer’ album.  For what it’s worth it reads like this;

For this album, I have focused on an acoustic, folky type of theme with a few electronic elements added in and not rely too heavily upon percussion to help carry the songs. True to its title, with ‘Dream Rescuer’ the aim is to convey the surreal things we dream of when asleep. The love and hate things, likewise the happy and the sad.

Jarvis Cocker aside, Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



  1. Nice lyrics and love Decider. When it starts going it really starts going .

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you Shey

  2. Christy B says:

    “You can’t see but you know it’s there”… yes..!

    1. Zoolon says:

      I agree Christy. It’s the barrier the human mind can’t deal with – sadly.

  3. inesephoto says:

    Great lyrics and I love the Decider.

  4. aruna3 says:

    Hey zoolon!!why have you prisoned yourself in your blogvilla?i feel many problem to search your posts.

    1. Zoolon says:

      I’m working 7 days a week right now on my new album.

      1. aruna3 says:

        That is good.

  5. The rhythms feel as a battle in the mind between choices. Excellent track, Sir, and the poem has potential for…guitar, perhaps? I’m curious which instrument shall bring the melody to us. Maybe that’s why Decider plays now…

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you. I’ve a whole mass of new stuff on the way soon – I’ve been working 7 days a week lately!

  6. Great Intro @ Decider. Cool stuff.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks. I appreciate that.

  7. marisselee says:

    “The best result you get in The Premier League of Life is draw…” Interesting lyrics. But, of course, everything is about perspective. One has a choice to view his/her life as a victor or a victim – or they can choose to see it as a draw.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Maybe that’s true, Marisselee. I just watched my beloved Arsenal get a draw and it’s not a great feeling.

      1. marisselee says:

        I have read that we have to treat everyone and everything we have as Divine Gifts and so when God calls them away, we return them with all our heart and soul – because we own nothing. I am not an atheist. At the same time, I don’t believe in Creator. But if I explain to you my concept of God, it would be too long. Lol!

      2. Zoolon says:

        I shouldn’t worry about explaining, Marisselee. I am, and please don’t take this the wrong way, an atheist, but I never shove down peoples faces because it’s definitely not for me to tell other people how to live. That would be wrong, a thing that hopefully I never do.

      3. marisselee says:

        I once met an atheist and upon knowing I believe in God, he said: “Well then there is no point between us talking.” Lol! A sour fellow. But I always believe each and every person reacts differently. Goodluck to your music…it is refreshing to hear.

      4. Zoolon says:

        I’m not like that ‘sour fellow’. Nothing else matters apart from the person we are. Respect.

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