Before I get onto the subject of specific lampposts please note the words in the following verse make no mention of lampposts. Shakespeare rarely mentioned lampposts in his plays or sonnets. 

Zoolon’s modern day take on ‘Romeo & Juliet’

My princess read me my horoscope, on the face of it, it sounded good

Her old man read me my fortune, kicked me out of the neighbourhood

Star-crossed lovers and feuding families, sworn enemies and a street brawl

My princess supported Tottenham, I The Great Arsenal 

Somehow, I don’t think this one will make the cut as a lyric for my new album. 

Anyway, the header pic is of an updated quad version of the East End of London’s very own Victorian ‘Smog Buster’ lamppost (hated by Jack the Ripper, yet to this day still admired by London’s Cockney community) decorated in the style the neo artists of Folkestone, Kent demand.

Below, a classic example of the Good Ordinary Lamppost so adored by the Belgians.


Next a fine example of The Martello Lamppost. You’ll find many of these defensive lampposts in towns and villages along the coastal areas of Kent and East Sussex. Originally installed with Napoleon in mind, these little beauties stand tall and proud. Had the vertically challenged Napoleon invaded England these unusually high lampposts were designed with the view of preventing him reaching up and stealing the lightbulbs. It was common knowledge his lover, Josephine, had a passion for collecting rare lightbulbs.


Personally, I’m not sure the next one is an actual lamppost. I took this shot in France and when I asked a local onion seller what it was his reply sounded a bit like ‘a lamppost’. What more can I say.



I’ve not added stuff to my YouTube Channel in a while. The fact I’ve been too busy is a poor excuse. That’ll change soon as I’ve a few projects on the go that need video. For anyone interested, or who hasn’t watched before here’s the ‘all-in-one’ SAMPLE PLAY vids link. The video starts with ‘Drum Sticks’, then ‘Ping Pong Ball’ onto a ‘Pen Mash’ finishing with a ‘Guitar Mash’. I hope you enjoy;

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  1. Chris White says:

    A very nice lamppost post. I like that one in Narnia. Have a good week.

  2. Lord Zoo, maybe your poem won’t make the ‘final cut’ albumwise, it sure gave me a laugh. Love the lampies xxx

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thanks, Shey. I’m trying to let Zoolon, as opposed to George have his own take on things as he evolves.

  3. Great photos and I loved the song. Well done!

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you. I’m still wondering why I ran with lampposts.

  4. Brilliant! I was admiring the ammonite inspired lamp posts in Lyme Regis the other day.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you. One of my dad’s books has cover art of my mum on The Cobb at Lyme Regis.

      1. what book is that?

      2. Zoolon says:

        It’s on the right hand side of his home page; https://wordpress.com/view/mikesteeden.wordpress.com

  5. inesephoto says:

    Great post, everything is so very cool – the video, the stories, and especially the poem 🙂

  6. Ha! Yeah, why didn’t you get lampposts into your Romeo and Juliet verse? Perhaps one family are the electricians, and the other the…um…okay, I didn’t think that one through.

    But those are fine pictures, and…eh, I wouldn’t argue that last one, either. 😉

    1. Zoolon says:

      Zoolon is evolving into someone who is not me – I’m enjoying the ride I think.

  7. tmezpoetry says:

    Much ado about lamp posts…quirky…love it. Listening to your music and relaxing.

    1. Zoolon says:

      Thank you. I have been working on The Flat World of Paving Stones.

      1. tmezpoetry says:

        Album title or the next post? hehe

      2. Zoolon says:

        The new album hasn’t got a title just yet, but for the blog, Paving Stones are on the menu. I was in France and Belgium yesterday. The French paving stones are more interesting than the Belgian ones – is that not the saddest sentence ever written?

      3. tmezpoetry says:


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