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Sometimes it’s a pain being Zoolon. Monday morning I was down in the kitchen having breakfast (Shreddies with a chopped banana). The news was playing to itself on the TV.  I wasn’t taking much of it in. Then, out of the blue I heard the newsreader say, “With police numbers dropping the Metropolitan Police are no longer investigating somersaults.” ‘Do what?’ I thought. The Metropolitan Police look after London, but I had no idea that somersaults were illegal there. It wasn’t until about ½ hour later, with ‘somersaults’ playing on my mind instead of creativity that I checked the story out on Twitter and discovered that for ‘somersaults’ read ‘some assaults’. Like I said, being Zoolon can be a pain.

Anyway, I’ve got a song together that could pass the whistle test and end up on the new album. That is if I still like it after the mixing etc. Here’s the lyric. I’ve had the idea buzzing around in my head since the marionette festival I went to last month in Charleville-Mézières. 


The marionette told me her story

Saying “It’s an illusion; I’m not alive

But once I was a human

Before He made me take the dive”


At the Festival of Puppeteers

She spoke of harmonious ceasefire

No war, no bombs, no handguns

No ‘great’ walls and no barbed wire


The Borough of Queens own Orange Man

Answered, “No way, no way girl

But you do look half gropeable

Go on girl, give us a twirl.

Your kind are spreading false news

You realize you’re heading for a fall

And what do non-white females know?

I’ll tell you what, the likes of you, they know f**k all”


The marionette told me her story

Saying “It’s an illusion; I’m not alive

But once I was a human

Before He made me take the dive”

Time for some music. A re-run – in case you missed it last week – of my Scandinavian ‘Noir’ instrumental track, ‘Hidden Beneath’ that will be on the new album.

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‘Zoolon Hub’ is the name of my business. I am a songwriter and sound artist from the UK going by the name of George Blamey-Steeden. For what it’s worth, I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology and decided to put the skills I picked up studying, plus those I taught myself to good use by running my own company. That way, I keep hold of the reins of my own creativity.

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      1. I think if you questioned the majority of people in the world where they would want to live if they could live anywhere, they would say “in America”. Our borders are overflowing.

      1. Zoolan, please whatever you wish to submit will be fantastic. Just do your draft post and we go from there. I am waiting to see what you have in your draft. As for the award, my pleasure and do this when you can. Thanks dear

      1. I remember on one visit to my grandparents there was a tv movie on her static-addled screen about Pinocchio–a sequel, where he is caught by a circus man and transformed BACK into a marionette. The idea scared me, especially since my grandpa changed the channel to the news and I never learned how it ended.

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