In a world where Trump and his like make a good fist of scaring people the best they can, it’s good to know that surreal, kindly lunatics are still alive and well. I just got back from a biannual festival of puppets, the Festival Mondial de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières, The Ardennes, France and thought I’d share a few photos of the event.

However, before anything else I should explain that I make no claim to be a photographer – although you’ve probably worked that out for yourselves. What I’ve tried to do when taking these shots was to avoid the generic stuff and go just for things that caught my eye.


This pic above is of one particularly swoony type lady who was trying to balance a regular ladder in order to be able to climb it. She failed of course, but I was told it was all part of her act. What she was trying to do was climb up to the ‘things’ in the header image and become ‘at one’ with them. In fairness, I think the bloke who told me that might have had too much wine. I should have run with my Plan A and had a word in her ear, recommending she go to a DIY store and buy herself a regular stepladder. The world would be her oyster then.


Here she is again, still having a good swoon and harming no one.


Also, she made this out of sand during a swoon break. I think she’s a pretty good artist even if she is on the cusp of innocent madness.


Here’s a half decent piece of graffiti. I’m guessing that whoever’s house this was painted on has gone up in value a good few euro’s. If I could have remembered what Banksy’s signature looked like and had a black paint spray can on me I might have increased the property value some more.


It’s a shame I never got to see the person who lives in this caravan. By the size of the entry door I’m guessing that whoever it is doesn’t eat too often at Subway or McDonalds


I’ve no idea why I took this shot. Someone had set it up in a back alleyway for no apparent purpose. The world is a safer place when people do things like that.


The girl on the right had a face like thunder. I guess every picture tells a story – even one of mine!


One market trader discussing the merits of the glove puppet when compared with the string version?


Last but not least, another shot away from the main event. I took this as the border collie in the pic is a dead-ringer for my old dog, now deceased ‘Skipper’. I wrote a song about him once. It appears on my Dream Rescuer album. The song is called ‘Pain’. I’ve always preferred animals over most people. I hope you enjoy it.

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48 thoughts on “ZOOLON & THE FESTIVAL

  1. Your song really touched me George, it is beautiful, such a beautiful voice. Being a animal lover whose pet is a big part of my days, I can relate to these words. I have to admit I teared up. Thank you you for the wonderful pics, I love France architecture and the photos are delightful.

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  2. It’s good to know that there are still places where surreal, kindly lunatics are still alive and well. Wonderful photos! I absolutely adore the first photos and really like the third, they have a very ‘Big Fish’ dreamlike quality to them. Indeed, every picture does tell a story, what a great line, ‘a face like thunder’. ‘Pain’ is a beautiful tribute to Skipper, such a gorgeous dog. Welcome home, I hope you had a marvelous time, and the trip lent itself to great creativity and inspiration.

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  3. So you’ve got a talent with words, music, and a camera, George. These captures a beautiful! I especially like the color you’ve got with that market. And terrific light balance! You lucky bloke, if I may say so. x

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    1. Thanks, but I’m not a photographer. All I do is take a pic of the odd things. It’s easier when the town your in is as beautiful as this place was. Like you, I’ve got so projects on the boil that I didn’t really need the one who arrived yesterday. I’m thinking a 3 hour piece of living sound art. Now it’s thought of it has to be done!

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    1. You done nothing wrong at all Aruna. I have to apologize for not replying. It’s been so busy with my mum’s 60th birthday, plus I’ve had tons of work on, I’ve forgotten to do loads of things. Sorry about that. Regards, George


  4. For not a photographer the pictures are pretty awesome and your song is palying as I type and it is lovely..My song for my pet which was playing as we left Newmarket vets was Puff Daddy..Missing you….A long time a go but we still miss him…Thank you for the follow 🙂


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