Most likely I will only have time for irregular visits to the blog at best for the next week as I’m going to be at the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières.

I’ll catch up when I get back.

Random Thought: Before I sign off I have to say that I was in town a bit earlier this afternoon when I overheard this girl saying to her mate, “My mum don’t believe in The Internet.” I got to wondering what her mum puts on the national census form under the heading, ‘Religion’.  Having said that, I’ve got a brother who wrote ‘Jedi’ on his form. Enough people did the same and Jedi is now an accepted religion in these parts.


Zoolon aka George

33 thoughts on “ZOOLON & THE FESTIVAL

  1. Okay, I MUST ask: which brother put Jedi down? Sounds like something my brother would do…

    And that marionette is AMAZING. When I was a kid I had my own puppet theater, wrote plays for them, and did some shows for the little kids at our school. I always wanted to work with marionettes…soooooo cool….

    Be safe!

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    1. I have just – well a few hours ago – got back. A great trip. Much laughing. The brother and follower of the Jedi faith was Milo, the eldest. The census rules mean that if a certain number of people name a new religion then it has to be recognized. That means for about 10 years now Jedi is classed as a religion here. I was told that a Christian bishop once said he thought it was OK to have Jedi’s.

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