Terror lives in a dark alleyway squat

He always has, he always will

He likes those nights when the moon stays home

Those cold black nights when all is still


He used to prefer to go incognito

On the crowded streets beneath

The full-on glare of city lights

When trading a bouquet for a wreath


All bets are off now he’s got the taste

For new fresh blood, news ways of creating mayhem

Now under lights so big and bright

No one’s precious, he just slays them


But this time there’s a difference

He’s not like he was before

One time he was just a loner

Right now, he knows the score


He gets more hits on busy streets

His stats go through the roof

And with God sat nodding at his side

He thinks he’s bulletproof


I don’t think this one will ever be a song, and writing it all down hasn’t made me feel any less angry.

Here’s a song, ‘Shout at Newsreels’ I wrote a while back that maybe just fits this week’s news from Spain;

If anyone is interested in having their poetry put to song then below is the link to my previous post explaining how I can make it real;


Also, Here’s link to ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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37 thoughts on “A BOUQUET FOR A WREATH

    1. I saw on the news the story of the little 7 year old boy they eventually found dead in Barcelona, Mia. What I wrote isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written but what the hell, as meaningless as words are I just thought, ‘George, write something, that’s all you’ve got’. Give me a cat or a dog over a human anytime.

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  1. my sentiments echoed
    I cry for the human race
    these wretches, excuses
    lives without souls…
    a disgrace… surely
    no God condones
    indiscriminate killing
    all terrorists…
    the devils evil personified….
    © MET 17/66

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      1. Retribution comes into their so called reasoning, for what, collateral damage, sadly a consequence of war. They forget countries, predominantly of the Islamic faith have of called on other non-Moslem states to aid them for whatever reasons. At no time has any country purposely killed innocents, (Russian forces, based on deliberate misinformation maybe), with the exception of their own governments. I think it unfair, no matter what creed one follows, to delve back into ancient/medieval history for many countries committed unmentionable atrocities in those far distant times. However, in these modern times, there is a code of conduct relating to crimes of war, (and the deliberate killing of innocents is covered), known as the Geneva Convention, and no matter how long it takes, those guilty of offenses will be apprehended and accordingly dealt with. At least that is the theory!

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      2. Maybe The International Court of Justice in the Hague should be the vehicle, as – I think – The Geneva Convention is there for times of declared/official war. Maybe even, the US should recognize The Hague? I don’t know to be honest. I just hate to see day after day a world that’s forgotten compassion. Personally I don’t even want revenge, though I understand some do, I just want it to end. All the Muslims I know (a lot) – I am an atheist – are fine, OK peace loving people. It’s those of any and all religion, those without religion sitting at the top of the tree who need to answer for the crimes the seduced perform on their behalf. Looking at Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan some of the Western leaders have a few questions to answer. I truly hope your theory comes into practice. It might make a few who’ve lost loved ones, whether by intent or collateral damage feel that bit better. Thanks for that reply, it was thought provoking.

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  2. Hey zoolon!!a beautiful country has become d victim of terrorism.very sad thing.Why do UNO and all governments not take a hard steps against terrorism?i have not understood thier system of work.why is d importance of those internatiol institutions? Only blaming to muslims or other terrorists are worst.because terrorists are without religions.generally guys want to live with peace n love.you are right to saying dt “he thinks-he’s bulletproof and god is with with him..”,they are in misunderstanding n children of satin.God curses them.really very sad news n ur pinching d heart’s poem.

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    1. Aruna, it’s true we live in a seriously horrible world – I think that has always been the case, so many humans without compassion have made it so. No one should blame Muslim’s – I know many Muslims, all just regular people doing their thing in life, just getting on with it like everyone else. It’s morally wrong to blame them when the evil is ‘mankind’, nothing more. Maybe it’s easier for me – maybe not, it depends how you look at it – because I don’t believe in any God, Gods, Goddess or Goddesses. I’m content just knowing I’ll live until I die. What makes me angry, sad, mad, nonplussed is when innocent people are killed before their time for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, their lives cut short – for nothing. Basically, I like dogs and cats over human beings, you know where you stand with animals.

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      1. Yeah.dear zoolon!!really we are living in a seriously horrible world.i don ‘t-why are these worst things happening?u r right.animals are better then humans.

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  3. Wow!!! U just startled me with that poem and give me a ray of hope that even I could write better…… To be honest, in summation your writing is worth something I may have some friends to look up for what you want so I’ll share it on my page is that OK????

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  4. Those cold black nights, when all is still – love that line Zoolon – brilliant poem pity it had to come out of such tragedy but like the lives taken so tragically your words are there for an eternity. Chris.

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  5. I know what you mean about the anger. Words may help give the feeling form. Writing may be doing, in its way, but you and I are yearning for the action that changes the inner natures of others. My own country is ripping its surface to pieces because that’s the kind of action that LOOKS like it’s doing something, when in truth it’s merely the easy shortcut. It’s far better to wreck physical things than to change one’s nature.

    (It might work with music, you know, with a change in a few lines. Piano, perhaps. But the anger’s too strong for you to feel the music of it. Give yourself time. You’ll find its melody.) xxxxxxxxxx

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    1. I was talking with another blogger earlier and have it stuck in my head that when time allows I wouldn’t mind raising from the dead, the ‘protest song’ genre. All I need is free time for creativity to arrive – that’s getting harder the more I put into the business. I’ll get there.

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