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I trade both online and offline as Zoolon Hub. I’ve recently added another new product to my business aimed mainly at others in the music industry. However, I thought some of you poets or lyricists out there might (or might not) also be interested in the product – especially so if you are not a musician.

Perhaps I should explain. This new product is one whereby I can put your work to music in a variety of very affordable ways.

Simply email me on zoolonaudio@gmail.com with your words and ideas and I will compose anything from a melody for you to take away and add the voice yourself or if you want, I’ll turn it into a complete mixed and mastered song – and all stations in between. Basically, you tell me what you want and I’ll produce it for you, the bonus being if you’re not happy with the basic, initial melody there is nothing to pay. If you are happy and want me to progress with the project then you will find my charges very reasonable and importantly, your poem/lyric aside, the rest will be entirely down to me. No composer, musicians or vocalist hire, studio hire, production, mixing and mastering or other third-party charges involved as I do all the work myself. Because of this, my charges are a tiny fraction of what otherwise would be the case.

An example of my work? Here’s a song from my album, ‘Dream Rescuer’. The lyric I worked with is from a poem, ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ by Mike Steeden.


It might help to explain a little about my pedigree insofar as music is concerned. I have a BA (Hons) First Class Degree (1st) in Creative Music Technology; a complete working knowledge of various music software such as MAX/MSP, Logic, Reason, Bitwig, Ableton Live etc.; I play a number of different instruments, have established skills in terms of the production of Sound Art, the composition of lyrics and melody, plus the mixing and mastering of music.

Regular songs aside, here’s a few examples from YouTube of some of the things I play around with.



If you’ve got this far down the page you may be wondering about the dreaded ‘royalty’ aspect. In this regard, and at no charge beyond the initial agreed fee it is simply a subject open to negotiation. If say, you send me your own melody in a ‘dum-dee-dum’ type self-recorded format and I simply put it to guitar then what you get back is an entirely royalty free piece of music that belongs to you.

Generally, if you go for the whole shebang – as in me creating a complete song from your poem/lyric –  and decide to market it, and (if only!) it goes on to make a bucket full of money then any royalties over and above your marketing and other reasonable costs would be shared 50/50 and an agreement in place covering that. With a complete song, or any melody for that matter, it is important for you to understand that I would undertake never to use the melody or the song I have produced for you ever again, anywhere, anytime, anyplace unless you’ve specifically asked me to do so.

Lastly, sometimes (rarely) it may be the case that I feel a specific poem is not one I can work with and do you proud. If that is the case I’d let you know at the outset.




97 thoughts on “WHEN A POEM BECOMES A SONG

    • Thank you. It is one of those thinking sideways ideas that hit me when designing the project for musicians. Why I suddenly had the random thought ‘poets’ I’ll never know but I’m here if anyone wants me.


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I may send you some lyrics and see what you can do with them. Melodies take a detour around my brain, and I can’t sing worth a hoot (even owls frown on my hooting), but I can get the words into cyberspace, and at times some of those words seem to resemble something like lyrics.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Tim. Give it some thought and if you still fancy the idea I’m ready, willing and able. Even if your melody is recorded to loads of dum-dee-dum’s or la, la, la’s I can work with it. I’ll leave it with you and thanks again.

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      • In my private moments – basically when I’m not doing boring work – I live, dream and compose metal. Tons of it. I just can’t do the vocal.


      • I’m actually having a problem coming up with metal lyrics. I’ve been working on some music but metal lyrics tend to be more serious and my stuff is always silly and funny. Anyway, I probably have lyrics you can use. Where would i send them to?

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      • I’ll happily have a go and I’ll do a good job but this proposal is basically for poets who can’t play/compose music and I have to charge for my time. That doesn’t seem fair as you have all the skills to do this yourself. I’m posting some words I’ve composed a WIP song type post tomorrow that would fit the metal genre I think. So far I’ve gone electronic with it, but you never know.


  2. Music of Requim for a ghost is seem as wandering alone soul in forest of d world.amazing zoolon.u r a gifted musician.i have no special poem for becoming a song.plz see my blog-if u find some speciality in them then u can composed them by some improving.

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    • Sadly that’s not the new haircut. Strictly no photos of that! That one is from about 18 months back somewhere in France. I’m glad you like the video. I made it up on the go the day I got my GoPro.

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    • Thank you, Vivian. I do the whole project from start to finish including the singing, the composition, all the instruments, the composition of the melody, the production, the mixing and the mastering myself. Please don’t think of me as someone who boasts. I’m not like that, it’s just that I can do these things. If it helps, here’s another example of my voice – a song I composed a couple of years back;

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    • If you open up this post, under my album ‘Dream Rescuer’ just hit play and Sunlight & The Dust plays. Also, via the link below you get the listen to the whole album (I think Bandcamp allow about 5 listens) you can listen to all the tracks without any charge. Best of luck. If you hit a problem please let me know. The title track, Dream Rescuer, seems popular with a lot of people as well – thankfully.


  3. Hey zoolon!! If u want to compose my post”a sparrow” on your guitar with includind the birds chirpiring,plz try to do by something improvements as you like.i think-dt song will be uniqe n wonderful.am i saying right ?please reply.

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    • I’ve just read that poem again. As you may know from my blog I have a friend Brian the Sparrow I get to meet in the harbour cafe every so often. I like sparrows. I think that if you do anything with that wonderful poem of yours it must be through recording the audio of you/someone reading the poem aloud to the backdrop of instrumental music and yes, maybe some well chosen sound samples of sparrow song added. I think that would be a perfect way to go. To give you an idea of what I mean, take a look at this ladies blog, she is a genius at the art of audio poetry. You may have to scroll back a few pages to find an audio piece, yet it’s well worth it when you get there. https://areyouthrilled.com/


      • But dear zoolon!! I don’t know about music,using orchestra or videography n audio sytem.if u can not compose my post then left it.may be,in future i will try for that.plz give ur fully attention on ur new album.i am waiting for dt.

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      • I must admit, Aruna the finishing off of my classical music EP is seriously hard work at the moment, plus I’m developing new products/projects for the business so my time is limited. Maybe if you get to like one of the new classical pieces you could have it running behind your words.


      • Dear zoolon!! You have to go ahead and do many practice by doing new uniqe creation.and you r in young age so it is not a big problem for a music specialist.plz do as u like.i will like ur music n song.

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