cleopatra beetle1

(a tidy photo of Cleopatra the Beetle)

The day started well. As I left the house on my way to get a haircut I saw that Cleopatra had turned up on the doormat. She didn’t hang around long but agreed to pose for a photograph. Nice one, Cleo.

I turned up at my usual barber’s shop. He was closed even though his sign said he was open.  Odd. I’m silly busy creating a second website called just ‘Zoolon’ that will market new products, so rather than wait to see if he was going to turn up I went up the road to a barber I’ve never been to before instead.

There were three blokes working in this place. The one I got had a confidence draining polished head.

Also, he had multiple tattoos and Olympic weightlifting gold medallist muscles plus a sleeveless t-shirt that he was bursting out of. My instant random thought was that he looked more like a hit man than a barber. The big problem was he didn’t speak any English. Not even ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He relied on showing me pictures of haircuts and me touching the one I wanted. Odd. I touched the one I thought was close to what I wanted but what I got makes me look like a WW2 Spitfire pilot ready to take to the skies above The White Cliffs and have a dogfight with the Luftwaffe.

On top of that and without me agreeing he covered my head with some wax that smells of bubble-gum and has given me the swished back look, not unlike Harry Kane who plays for Spurs. I support The Arsenal. Spurs are our arch rivals, so Harry ‘Don’t I look like a Spitfire pilot’ Kane is the last person I want to resemble.

Ever since I have this compulsion to say, ‘roger, wilco, over and out’, or ask for my pipe and some Erinmore Fine Shag (I had to look that up on Google and it is a pipe tobacco smoked in WW2, not a derogatory remark about a girl called Erin More) even though I don’t smoke. I’ve been wondering if I should ask random girls for a last kiss before I hear the ‘Scramble’ siren and must take to the air one last time. It’s a good thing I’m so busy as I’ll probably never leave the house again.


(above, Harry Kane’s haircut & below, mine before the tragic event)

george paris 4

Time for some music. A reprise of one from the Dream Rescuer album, ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’. Once more I’d like to thank all of you who have purchased or listened to the album. So far, it’s achieved sales on every continent on the planet.

Here’s link to ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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89 comments on “ZOOLON’S HAIRCUT”

  1. That is a mighty shiny beautiful beetle on your doorstep , I hope you are looking after her!
    Somehow this post reminded me of Dunkirk. I loved that movie.
    And really , did you really go for a haircut ?
    They can’t be doing this to you , Lord Zoolon.
    I may come with my army to save you but I don’t have one, not even a beetle.

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    1. 100% true, Lady Yasmin. I’m not sure where Cleopatra actually lives, but she keeps turning up. You enjoyed the Dunkirk movie. I’m going to see it next week, or before if I get a free moment.

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      1. I think Cleo likes you, you must keep her with you , Lord Zoolon, animals can sense your kindness.
        You must watch. Dunkirk . I cried too, the screenplay is amazing. The camera work is simply out of the world. I loved the movie.

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      2. It is a film I’ve wanted to see since it was released. It’s just that I am too busy – annoying. Next week I’ll get there. I think I might have to ask Cleopatra if she minds being called Rose as I just got told she’s a rose chafer type beetle. I’ll let you know what she says after I next see her.

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    1. Seriously, Christy I’m not cute with this haircut. Most days before starting work I go to places that do decent hot chocolate plus an edible croissant. Not now, I look like someone I wouldn’t want to talk to if I met me.


  2. Hi George, Cleopatra is beautiful, wonderful photo. The green is fabulous, her color must have been the model for “green with envy”, kind of a silly thought that just floated to the surface. Your poor, poor hair, snuffed out by the hit-man barber. Maybe in some odd way, a very slim chance though, he sent you back in time to the life and times of WWII, reminding me of your extract, “A Postcard From Before”. Incredible story, quite humorous. Please enjoy the rest of your Thursday. ~ Mia & The Boys, far from Marina & The Diamonds.

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    1. Thank you, Mia. The interesting thing about Cleopatra is that from one side she is golden (even colour-blind me didn’t miss that) yet from the angle I took the pic she is green (sometimes brown to me, but I am sure she is green in real life). There’s a word for it – incandescent (?). But that’s what she is. She’s tiny buy the way. The bottom line is that she’s more important than a social outcast because of his ridiculous haircut, Pan. I like Marina – the Hollywood song is classic.

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      1. Well England is a bit odd at the moment because the UK voted to leave the EU. Most people of 30 years or under wanted to stay in the EU; older people didn’t. They won (only just), yet many of us still want to keep our European identities. Basically, England is not a happy place right now. There are too many old farts who don’t like immigrants or refugees. I think that is so wrong, because I’m the opposite. I like to think that I have a compassion that the old farts haven’t got at all. It’s all a bit bleak and going wrong here.


  3. I like ur haircut bt u do only a thing dt some hair as curled on ur forhead,u should keep.after then u will look most cute n smart.crazy people will like ur smart looking n imitate.bless u.

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  4. I’ve had some pretty god-awful haircuts in my day, so I feel your pain. At least that wax stuff washes out, yes? Hairspray-teased hair takes for-f***ing-EVER to wash out. I think that’s why I just hate doing hair and will always put it into a clip. Nowadays if I don’t, my boys kinda freak out a little. “Mommy your hair is down. Put it back!” 🙂

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    1. I bet you’ve never had a haircut as bad as this one. I had to go downtown earlier – something I’ve been trying to avoid – and wore a hoddie with the hood up on a hot day. Coming back up the hill to the house was not pleasant.

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      1. Hmm. No, I’m still going to declare myself the winner. A stylist once pulled half my hair back into a tiny, tight braid, but then freezed out all my hair beneath it. Think a clown’s wig with the top half tied back. She even laughed while she did it. So bloody humiliating…

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  5. You are a phenomenal artist. I love your tone,lyrics, all of it, love it. Are you playing the accompaniment ? That electric guitar wow.
    So no after hair cut pic?

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    1. Thank you. I don’t even leave the house since the dreaded haircut! With the music, all you hear is made be me. I prefer to work alone, there’s no arguments that way and arguments are the curse of being in a band.


      1. 3 months back all of my hair broke off in different sections. It was very long to the middle of my back but broken in 2 inches here, 3 inches there, 5 inches there. I made it to two appointments with a look of lawnmower head before I went and had my hair cut short and feel liberated.
        So I understand the need to hibernate.
        I also have grown to not give a fuck what anyone thinks about how I look. So there is also that!
        But if YOU care, about the state of your hair and it is not about anyone else, well that is a different story all together

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      2. It’s strange how we humans look at ourselves. About 6 months ago, aged 24 I grew just over an inch in height. Not a big problem you’d think, except when your walking down the street and wondering why people are gawping at you. Then you realize your jeans are too short and you look an absolute twat. Going back home was the worst – well that and spending a ton of money on new strides.


      3. Hopefully by the time you get to be 45 like me you just won’t care what other humans think of the way you look and it will just matter the lives you change by how you love.

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      4. Without a doubt, you’re correct. Maybe everyone should have at least one crap haircut in order to get a different take on life – after all, it could have been worse.

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      5. I KNOW. You could be in a scooter like me and have every one say ” well you LOOK normal what is WRONG with you ” every single time I go out!!!!!!!

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      6. If they say that then I for one with have strong (at best) words face to face with them. That is out of order, and no one should be treated like that.


      7. I am often pat like a dog on the head while in my scooter. It is not a fun place to be I assure you. Those in wheelchairs have a time of it with judgment, questions, and accusations

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      8. It shouldn’t be that way, that’s for sure. At least the dogs (I prefer dogs to humans any day of the week, by the way) are loyal. Low life humans making accusations are worthless.


      9. My service dog died of cancer. HE was the epitome of loyal/unconditional/REAL love. Haven’t found a human that matches him. Not even close! I have a sign that says don’t touch me on my scooter. It is sad it has to be that way but it just is


      1. The human race is the reason I prefer animals to people. Your tale of the beetle confirms again that I’ve made the right choice. Thanks for that.


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