sun flowers


‘Episode 5; Series 3 – ‘Sunflowers Who Forgot to Follow the Sun’

Warning, this episode contains some scenes of cross-pollination’


It was Sunday afternoon, about 3pm. Just an hour before the shops shut. I’d been working all weekend and was starving hungry. I needed fresh pasta badly. The best fresh pasta comes from the cheapest supermarket I reckon – I have researched this. I shan’t name the shop for fear of reprisals from the competition.

So, I’m in the cheapest supermarket. Its narrow aisles were jammed packed solid with mums and kids. The only thing I wanted was the pasta, nothing else. Right in front of me in the aisle was a big girl, about my age. Sat in the shopping trolley her little boy called Ronnie. I tried to get past her as she was ambling through the fruit and veg section. Her outsize bum blocked my (and everyone behind me for that matter) path.

Following on behind at a snail’s pace, I watched as Ronnie grabbed a bag of apples from his mum’s trolley and chucked it to the floor.  Seeing she was having difficulties bending over to pick up the bag I picked it up for her for the price of a mumbled, ‘thanks’. The disappointing thing was that she put the dropped bag of apples (probably some were now bruised) back on the shelf and got herself another bag. I should have said something but didn’t need the hassle.

A little further on, Ronnie had a go at tomato lobbing. He was quite accomplished. Mum was having trouble picking up the tomatoes so I stepped in again. She put the now split tomatoes back on the shelf for someone else to accidentally pick up and got some more fresh ones. I just got a guilty smile this time instead of a ‘thanks’. Anyway, the lobbing of fruit, veg, cornflakes and chocolate digestives continued. I carried on picking things up for her, until mum and Ronnie got to the egg shelf (not free range I noted). It was clear Ronnie likes dropping cartons full of eggs more than anything else. I didn’t fancy getting my hands all sticky from the broken eggs slime on the floor and luckily was able to overtake at this point – like a Lewis Hamilton on foot.

The fresh pasta is placed next to the pizzas. A whole mass of people were stationary trying to see who could fit the most pizzas in a trolley. All I wanted was fresh pasta.  As I waited I was wondering if Ronnie had a twin brother at home called Reggie. Was the family surname Kray? Had I been witnessing the reincarnation of a mob who were once East London gangsters in a previous life?

Finally, at the checkout right ahead of me a massive older lady with amazing painted nails – fingers and toes – who was dressed in what looked like a jet-black hessian sack. Her husband wasn’t that large but he only had a few white hairs left on his head that he’d spiked up with gel. After they had paid, she was going to carry the shopping bags herself, but he insisted he would do it despite her worrying about his heart condition. He gave her a huge kiss and said, “Don’t worry, Twiggy I’ll manage.” Nice moment, ‘Twiggy’. Great name for a great lady. 

Time for a bit a random video. Me, some drum sticks mucking about.

By the way, here’s link to my album, ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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24 thoughts on “ZOOLON, RONNIE & FRESH PASTA

  1. George, what a marvelous photo, the title along with the caption are very clever and humorous. You were so gracious by picking up all the bruised produce and other edibles, smart to avoid the eggs. Ronnie certainly was on his game. I think the entire ordeal was made worthwhile by Twiggy and her husband, charming. I hope you really enjoyed the pasta, you earned it. ~ Mia, R, E. & C.

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    1. Fresh ravioli is my favourite, Mia (why does WP keep telling me my spelling of ‘favourite is wrong, being dyslexic is hard enough without that). And Ronnie is living proof that cats and dogs are better than humans – mostly. Thank you, Mia & The Felines.

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    1. Thank you, Shey. It was Lidl’s where the best fresh pasta is – the occasional ravioli they stock is something else and no one would meet the little brat, Ronnie and not have to write it down. I’ve got little nephews and they’re all OK, not Ronnie though. I should have added that his mum never once told him off.

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  2. People watching and storytelling are definitely some of your fortes. I think it’s great that you’re portraying the quest for pasta in a humorous light when it could have been a frustrating experience.

    Thanks for the percussion piece. I used to be completely obsessed with drumming even though I kind of suck at it, and I’m actually trying to revive that youthful fancy, but so far it’s been kind of ‘meh’. Listening to your musics helps a bit. I’ve been meaning to review your album for quite a while actually. I’ll give it a shot soon…

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    1. I don’t get out that much since starting the business. It’s all work, work, work even on the days when nothing is happening. Every time I do get out now, I’ve noticed things I never noticed before. I find myself in ‘odd’ situations nearly every time. What that says about me – I don’t really know. A review would be great, by the way. As the supermarket ad goes, ‘Every little helps’. Thank you. George aka Zoolon or the other way around.

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    1. You wouldn’t say that if you were in the queue, Aruna. Some of them hadn’t washed for a while by the smell! The world is a strange place.


      1. Dear zoolon!!really,i depress from imazination of stand in the queue.i fear from crowd.perhaps here many people are in queue.true,the world is a strange place.

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      2. The world of people is a strange place, you are right. Animals are more logical. By the way, the best – to me – piece of sound art I’ve hard for a while was your post, “Main zindgi ka saath nibhata chla gaya- HUM DONO-1961”. A cultural thing that has shown me new direction for my music.

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