dover16072017 1 (2)

(a day-flying moth of no fixed abode I took a snap of last Sunday)

Recent random thoughts of Zoolon;

‘Neither the light bulb nor The Moon mean a thing to a day-flying moth’

‘I think it’s unlikely that your average Viking would feel he had to check out TripAdvisor when planning a holiday abroad’.

A lot of the time I try to throw together words that one day might just make it to the top of the pile when it comes to writing a lyric. I like having a few WIP’s in the locker. It’s a hit and miss process mostly. Some compositions have legs; others don’t. I’m not sure about this one yet. Maybe – it hums OK, then again it would do, it just about rhymes.

GOODNIGHT WENDY (Even though she doesn’t get a mention I think ‘Wendy’ is in there somewhere as a metaphor)

Lost in the maze of faraway places,

I missed the writing on the wall,

Had no idea, had not a clue,

My castle walls would fall.


In the days of aimless Neverland,

Not once did I lose hope,

Said your dog could keep that shadow he stole,

Just leave me be to fly away, I’ll cope.


It’s nothing serious, don’t make a thing of it,

I can always write you another song,

Nothing too nice, nothing meaningful,

Just a song that says, ‘so long’.


Would I trade knives on the street and acid attacks,

For pirate ships and crocodiles?

Not a chance, I’m staying here in Neverland,

Where there’s no tears, just wide-eyed smiles.


Time for some music. An old one, a demo ‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’. Hope you like it.

By the way, here’s link to my album, ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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62 thoughts on “NOTHING SERIOUS

  1. Oh, and agree with you on the Viking not using TripAdvisor… unless the Viking were transported into the future… Maybe then he would?

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    1. Everyone laughed at me/with me (?) when I suggest, initially, where would a Viking go on holiday – then the thought expanded a bit and I ended up with this. For example, would a Viking return to Lindisfarne a second time after the pillage, plunder and all things worse a second time.


      1. That’s a very good question. I don’t know if Vikings had time for holidays, but if they did why not return to old haunts and re-pillage… or do some sight-seeing.

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      2. You’ve just got me thinking about a boss dressed and acting like a Viking. I’m not sure the girls in the office would be too pleased. Thankfully, I’m my own boss.

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  2. Juste George, what a charming story of a certain type of privilege. If only we could capture and hold on to the inner “Wendy” that we all have before we turn, staying in our childhood castles in Neverland forever avoiding the cruel realities of the world, only having thoughts of things like pirate ships and crocodiles, that would be Pan-magical. The tracks that you’ve selected for this post are perfect, as is the image, beautiful. ~ Mia & The Boys

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      1. Just east of Bethune, west of Lille where the gravestones face toward the homeland of the confined residents. Tell you what, Mia, that’s the best line I’ve written for ages. Thank you for inspiring it.

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      1. There were loads of them, plus a small flying thing looking a bit like a tiny bee except it had bright red, furry legs. It’s a shame I couldn’t get a photograph.

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  3. I like that you actually say you’ll write her another song.. Oh the writing of a song for a partner is a lovely thought. Your song is awesome. You have a whimsy to your voice in this one.

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      1. Oh cool! Are you planning to release it as an album? I have Ballerina Dancing playing now over on SoundCloud as I type this. Do you know the blogger Aquileana? She has written extensively about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and I bet she would love to collaborate with you on a project relating to this (if it interests you). Just a thought – no pressure, ever.

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      2. Thank you, Christy. This album was a thing I made as part of a degree. The module was melody/lyric/concept album based. The mixing and mastering was nothing the adjudicators worried about. Basically, it’s a demo album. One day, when time is on my side (when is that?) I’d love to re-record the whole thing, especially Ballerina Dancing as it happens. How I came to have a shadow version of a ballerina in the mix I’ll never know, but even now I feel I know her even though she is just a character from my odd imagination. All I ever wanted/want was ‘time’ – one day.

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    1. Thank you. I was on top of The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent, UK in a nature reserve called Western Heights. I would like to know the name of the species. I couldn’t find a match on Google searching!


    1. I think you’re correct. It was a little smaller than the ones I just checked out on Google but the pattern is identical, although the under skin was all white – maybe a juvenile? Thank you so much for letting me know.


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  5. Some thoughts flutterby Zoolon, there is a reason for each one of them never discard is my motto, we are all here to inspire each other so if you happen on a line of mine which you think might work do let me know.

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  6. Your random words remind me of a photo challenge I saw going on among some grad school classmates a while ago: taking a photo of the book bindings stacked in one’s room and reading them like a poem. Some turn out brilliant, those happy accidents, while others,like mine…eh. Suppose I could maybe throw the books up in the air and see how their bindings land…or have my sons do it, them and their passion for throwing things…
    I adore the Peter Pan story, so of course I hope you continue on with this lyric. Something light, almost ethereal, impossible to reach as it soars in and out of the corner of one’s eye.xxxxxxxxx

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    1. As your boys have got the gift for creating art you should leave it down to them. You could end up with a kids equivalent of our local artist, Tracy Emin, famous for her Unmade Bed. I’ve been mucking around with The Pan lyric. It’s getting there.

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  7. Hey George, I’m sitting here listening to your song as I read this post and the comments thread. I always find it fascinating to see what others have to say and where the responses lead… anyway, thanks for the follow! I love butterflies. Here in Oz we have HUGE moths – I mean like bird size, some of them – truly awesome.

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  8. ‘Neither the light bulb nor The Moon mean a thing to a day-flying moth’…Or, it could be that it means everything to the moth. See, poor moth is often painted as a creature that is too weak to resist the light and thus causing its own untimely death, seemingly for nothing. But, in defense of the poor moth, let me interpret it another way. Maybe the moth is totally, absolutely, completely in love with with the light — and so despite the danger, the moth chase the light nonetheless and tried to get near to it even if it means death. That is unconditional love that humans will never fathom. I have eaten a lot today. Too much food in my tummy makes my imagination wander to the Neverland. Lol!


    1. I think my head is in Neverland all the time. Some people even refer to me as The Pan (in a good way I hope). The day flying moth always interests me. Regular moths are hooked on the moon and sometimes make the mistake of chasing light sources that they think are the moon. That makes them vulnerable. But the day time moths don’t have an obvious purpose in the world of moths. I like that. Sometimes not having a purpose is the best thing.


      1. But there is a purpose and that is not to have a purpose 😂😂😂😜. I call my sister Peter Pan, in a good way, coz she refused to grow up but she is fun that way 😊


      2. Ahh but she does. I think when you live like Peter Pan you live a fuller life than most people. Life is not to be taken too seriously. I hope I learned that earlier haha


      3. That’s true. As The Pan, creativity comes easy while the opposite side of my business, the boring task stuff kills all creativity. Annoyingly I have to jump between the two (although I do leave the boring stuff to pile up as far as possible).


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