Try My Block Breaker Game

Jennifer has kindly used the music from one of my Zoolon Audio sample packs for her new game. Basically, the sample packs are designed for musician’s to manipulate in order create new music. Being clever, Jennifer has used this piece as a backdrop to the game. I’d like to wish her every success as her gaming project evolves.



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      1. Possibly. I’m not a game player, so it doesn’t really matter. Your music, like Jennifer used for the game track, would work well with DDR.

    1. It won’t load of work on mobile! It will work in a browser on a PC. The object is to break all the bricks to win! The paddle on the bottom moves right and left with your mouse. Click start, click the mouse once and the ball is free to bounce! Good luck!

      1. HI Jennifer. I tried it a couple of times last night and after one shot it said “You suck! You lose! Game Over” or something like that, and I gave up.

        1. I’m not a game player, so I was probably being silly. It’s cool that you made it.

  1. George, wonderful to read that your samples were used to create the backdrop for Jennifer’s game. I did a horrible job playing the game, you lose, you lose, you lose… you get the drift. I felt a little frantic, the music is great. ~ Mia

    Jennifer, you did a great job creating, “Block Breaker”. There are some cool things going on. I like when you get the ball above the blocks and it takes out a bunch at one time, bouncing between the blocks and the top of the frame. ~ MIa

    1. Well, Mia I’m a gaming addict and as a bit of an expert, I am guessing that in deep thought Lightfoot can teach you how to play this one. All you need is Lightfoot in the zone. There’s a song there, ‘Lightfoot in Deep Thought’?

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