george folkestone (2)

(me, moments before I remembered I suffer from vertigo)

I’ve had this TASK ‘to-do’s’ App on my phone for ages. I’m not sure why I’ve got it because most times I forget it exists. The thing is, lately I’ve been so busy I thought I might as well give it a second chance. So, last week I made a list of things ‘to-do’. It read (more or less);

Finish updating the Zoolon Audio website – urgent

Finish the mixing of the new album – urgent

Produce the new Field Sounds Sample Pack – quite urgent

Check the front tyre pressure, driver’s side of motor – boring

Plus, a few other bits of business type things. Then;

Remember to put the Marmite in the cupboard, not the fridge

Remember to eat

Try not to tread on the snails by the back step

Check for spiders in the studio

Remember to flush the loo

I thought it a perfectly reasonable list. Sensible even – insofar as I do ‘sensible’.  So, how come I get an unintentional ‘fall on the floor hysterical’ laugh when someone got hold of my phone and read my list?  I can’t see anything odd about it. I prefer dogs, cats and Brian the Sparrow to people generally.

I’ve still got to check the tyre pressure.

By the way, should you want to check out the new album, ‘Dream Rescuer’ released a couple of days ago you’ll find it at Bandcamp. You can listen or buy there – no hard, horrible sales pressure or anything like that. Here’s the link;



Also, if you fancy a visit, the Zoolon Audio website it is at www.zoolonaudio.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZoolonAudio?lang=en-gb

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCtOtegaQCJKBCZWYJDHOTPg

SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/zoolon

Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.






32 thoughts on “ZOOLON’S & THE ‘TO-DO’ APP

  1. So much to do, so little time don’t know why I wrote that as it does not apply in your case considering – apps, tweets, youtube and all that other stuff, good on you – check the pressure in that tyre and keep on truckin’

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      1. I reckon she’d be all over you like a rash were it your tyre pressures! Natural charm would do the trick. Even so, I might pop back there, maybe she’d check my oil levels?

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    1. I suppose remembering to eat should have been at the top, Mia. Especially so as yesterday it was about 9pm before I realised my headache was down to having only had a banana for breakfast. Then thinking it was a bit late for a big meal I had cashew nuts and toast for tea. Today though, I’ll murder a bowl of pasta. Reading this comment back before I click on ‘send’ it looks like your name is ‘Mia Especially’. Odd, in a good way.

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      1. Mia Especially, olive oiled penne with a little too much – but I like it – parsley, plus grated cheese with baby sweetcorn (lots). Heaven. George of Loosened Belt, uncomfortable at his keyboard.

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      2. Thank you Mia Especially. Angels, Harpy’s (found those on Wiki) and even though they don’t have wings, Mermaids and thinking about it, Farfalle I will avoid, although I do like Farfalle. Fafalle will be difficult to avoid, George of LB.

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  2. Love the new look here! And hey, that’s a perfectly reasonable list. I forgot to flush the pee from one of the training potties and spilled it all over the carpet. Never underestimate the importance of flushing. xxxxx

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    1. I glad you like it and the new look. Dad was jealous I’d got around to updating the WP page so he asked me to do his. It took me hours. He’d forgotten or lost just about every user name/password to everything I needed to make his page look the business. I got there in the end, but could have made it much better if his photo collection wasn’t lost somewhere in a ‘cloud’.

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      1. Ha! Poor George. Still, you got it done. I need to do a touch more revision on mine, but that priority is, like, sometime 2017 level of priority. I need to survive summer with the kids home first.

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