dream rescuer album 2

My new album ‘Dream Rescuer’ has just this minute been published on Bandcamp.

You can listen to; even purchase if you wish (the price is just £6 including the dreaded, yet unavoidable VAT) by following the link below;


I know this post is unashamed marketing, but if you do visit and like what you hear, then a review would be appreciated.  Also, if you feel able a ‘follow’ me on Bandcamp would be a massive help.

Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.




  1. Congratulations George. The album notes are perfect, “True to its title, with ‘Dream Rescuer’ the aim is to convey the surreal things we dream of when asleep. The love and hate things, likewise the happy and the sad.” You’ve captured all of this and more. It’s such a pleasure to listen to your album, one song builds on another, ending with, “A Life” brilliant. We agree with Akuokuo, “Awesome!”
    ~ Feather & Lightfoot

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  2. Reblogged this on mikesteeden and commented:

    Albeit it with a little paternal bias on my part, I thought I would re-blog Lord Zoolon’s (aka my son, George) post from yesterday regarding the release of his new album, ‘Dream Rescuer’ to the world.
    I understand that via the link below, one can listen to said album for free, with an option to purchase if one wishes;
    There are some surreal ballads, songs of the way the world is presently and sublime electronic pieces that serve to reflect the concept of ‘dreams to be rescued’ within this album. The boy done good.


  3. Just started to listen, sounds great on headphones, beautiful production and your guitar work is very atmospheric and tasteful…will write more after a good listen…JIM

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    It’s not every day that I have the privilege to know someone as humble and sincere as the immensely creative George Blamey-Steeden.

    Zoolon (George) has recently released a new album, “Dream Rescuer”. The album captures the surreal nature of sleep’s dreams, brilliantly done. All songs are composed, preformed, produced, recorded and mixed by the multi-talented George. Please enjoy.

    New album, from Zoolon. Listen for free; buy if you like.

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  5. You know when one purchases and listens to an entire album, you hope for every track to be perfect, and perfect as a whole. You achieved that on Dream Rescuer, totally. Opens up with an ambient track better and on par with Aphex Twin. Ticking Clock sounds like time passing, musta have been the slight hit hat. This comment is fresh after hearing the album for the first time. Delusional Troll was not really mean spirited at all to me. Rexie Believes in Magic, is light friendly. Time Out made me feel like some sort of hellish nightmare, or was leading to it, the track being ambient. So when it lead into Pain, it was like a Pink Floyd moment, sounded similar to the previous track, then it came into total folk, the most riveting for me, because I have felt the way this sounds and I love guitar work, felt like home…Ends nicely…So GREAT WORK!! You are a Master! Can’t help thinking that maybe in 20 more years of me practicing music, that I could write like you. Cheers Mate!

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    1. Ted, coming from you, an artist of major accomplishment (man, when you paint eyes, they are really eyes – you ought to have been French a few decades ago because of the top level your work sits with) and a musician of pure passion and skill, your words have brightened a day of self-doubt. Thanks for that. Means a lot.


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