dream rescuer album 2

I’ve not had much time to think random thoughts, or even have a chat with my mate Brian the Sparrow lately, but at last the new Zoolon album is done.  It’s the strangest feeling to have completed it – part pleased; part relieved; part empty. The thing is – and I’m sure you writer’s out there must feel the same when all your words are written – nothing feels for ‘real’, whether it’s living thing or an inanimate object, until it has an identity of its own. Now that the project has a name to go by, ‘Dream Rescuer’ and a coat to wear, in the form of the cover art, I feel it’s dressed and can be let outside on its own without feeling embarrassed.  All it’s waiting for now is its short bio to appear in the form of the album notes and a few other boring bits – so boring I won’t mention them – to be put to bed and a ‘very near future’ release date can be fixed.

It was odd that the title track arrived so late in the day. Anyhow, for now though, the opening verse from that title track ‘Dream Rescuer’;

‘You rescued dreams and nightmares schemes,

Spinning around inside your head,

You kept them in your diary,

A book you said you never read……….’

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  1. This is going to be brilliant. I only missed this post cos my reader has been playing up badly and not giving me white screen and I do not want to change to email notifications as I get swamped by thousands in the day then. I cannot wait for this.

        1. Thank you. I would love to meet your hamsters. It would be better than trying to get commonsense out of Brian the Sparrow of Dover Harbour.

  2. LOl. Hmm….. don’t say that till you’ve been. Seriously I have two sets of questions to make up then. And I would have two folks in front of you on the list. I have final proofs to do on my forthcoming book BUT soon as they are done, cos they want a fast turnround, I will get you these questions this week ok and thank you. I have ha d musicians before so it’s all good.

  3. How exciting! And this sounds like a title to an ageless story. We all of us, kids young and wrinkled alike, mourn the loss of dreams. Nice to know a hero’s on the way.
    Hope the boring bits don’t drag out for too long. xxxxx

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