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‘Shadows Hide My Scars’ is the final song from my ‘Liquid Truth’ album written about 4 years ago. This concept album, as you might recall from previous posts, is themed around Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’.

This demo version reflects the moment when ‘the prisoner’ leaves the cave he’s lived in forever and heads off into what is a world outside previously unknown to him. A new reality, maybe a ‘real’ reality? All his life all he had known were shadows projected onto the wall in front of him.  Nothing else. The shadows were made for the only reality he knew and understood.  So, as the lyric to this song begins with, ‘Say Goodbye to Yesterday…’ By the way, I’ve been a bit behind with my blogging lately. I am tied up adding the final touches to my brand-new album. We haven’t fixed a release date yet, and there is still a lot of artwork to be done, but it’s almost there. I’ll be able to say more about this soon. Anyway, here’s ‘Shadows Hide My Scars’. I hope you enjoy it;

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26 comments on “SHADOWS HIDE MY SCARS”
  1. LOVE it!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you.

      1. You are welcome!

  2. Heartafire says:


    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you so much. I find it odd listening to this one. My voice sounds so much younger then – probably because I was much younger then!

      1. Heartafire says:

        That could explain that phenomena. Big smile!

  3. George, “Shadows Hide My Scars” is a terrific title and song. You’ve created such strong visuals and emotions, I want to climb into the song and travel on the moonlight. ~ Mia & Rexie

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      I think Rexie could you show the way under moonlight, Mia

  4. sdtp33 says:

    Great song…touch of the Yardbirds…and that’s a good thing! Or maybe “Paint it Black”…the guitar (?) figure has that Eastern feel!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you. It’s an old number and I can’t get over how silly young my voice sounds – but it happened, was well received for a while, and I posted it. Thanks again, I appreciate you comment.

  5. Lord Zoolon, my humble apologies for just seeing this post. My wordpress reader wouldn’t load properly and thought I dropped by certain favs, this post was not up. Then the reader didn’t load again. Anywa, I would not avhe wanted to have missed anything as good as this. Love the background harmony and your voice as ever is a treat to listen to.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you Shey. Please never be humble, humble is my territory.

  6. Welp, you got me. The opening had me thinking of something more epic and sweeping, and then those guitars hit the ground and your man is running, literally fleeing into what he doesn’t know so it forms round him and all that was the cave and Before cannot possibly leave a trace on the outside. But for all the running, he is still in that cave inside, always with the exit in sight, always running, never gaining ground…

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      It’s an interesting allegory. A lot of thinkers have used it to explain the existence of a heaven. My take on it was more or less what you’ve commented. More of a prison break but never really feeling free. Thank you. Got me thinking.

      1. Can’t wait to see where those thoughts take you. 🙂

  7. Christy B says:

    Awesome track! The line “say goodbye to yesterday” is great, especially how you draw out the words in it.. The beat is thumping and I’m smiling 🙂 I’m going to share this one with Aquileana, who has told me much about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you. The allegory is, I found when I studied a bit of philosophy at school, fascinating, yet see-through in many respects. It’s certainly worth checking out though.

  8. yassy says:

    George I am no longer on twitter. I logged out. Somethin happened there ! Will tell you someday.

    1. Zoolon says:

      That’s a shame, Lady Yasmin. I hope it wasn’t one of those terrible trolls that caused it. They make me so angry.

      1. yassy says:

        I don’t know what to say. This is a very famous person who hounded me for gifts. Demanding things. It freaked me out George ! Don’t know what to make of it.

      2. yassy says:

        You must know I have never asked anyone for anything. And yet.

      3. Zoolon says:

        Why is it almost always women who get a bad time on social media? It should just be a place for a little fun, where people can showcase their work if they want to – nothing else. I just don’t understand people at all. Still, I’m truly sorry to hear you’ve suffered at the hands of a cyber bully – so, so wrong.

      4. yassy says:

        Well, an apology came from this person for what is done but I am so wary.
        Lord Zoolon , I feel better after telling you. I think you are a good human being so I share my woes with you. You listen !
        Thank you.

      5. yassy says:

        George , the community at Wp has given me so much strength and courage.

      6. Zoolon says:

        In another world, I would be so grateful if I knew who he was. I’d sort it, but that, I guess doesn’t solve anything. Basically, Lady Yasmin, you’ve done the right thing. A shame, yet you’ve taken the only path left open to you. Sad, but you know you’re better than he is – and so do the rest of your friends.

  9. yassy says:

    You rather not know who it is , George ! You would be surprised and dismayed but no one can touch this person.
    These experiences don’t make you any wiser actually , I trust everyone without question ! Whatever happens I will never lose faith in the human kindness. And you are one shining example of that lord Zoolon.

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