george ramsgate2


Both sides and every single one of you

Do you really know who your enemy is when you bomb the random innocents?

Do you really know who the murderer is when you annihilate the random strangers?

You don’t, do you? You haven’t got a blind clue

For Romeo and Juliet, read Frankie and Johnny

Besides, all you know is how to shoot from the hip and the art of knee jerk reaction

All you know is the illogical revenge of trading an eye for shattered limbs and dreams

All you know is the buzz you get out of random violent response and same-o backlash

You nailed those two precious bedfellows good and proper, must make you feel so, so tough

Don’t lie and tell me it doesn’t, don’t do that, both sides and every single one of you

For Montague and Capulet, read Baker and Britt


Time for a bit of music. ‘POOR EXCUSES’ is a song of mine that fits my mood today. Hope you enjoy;

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25 thoughts on “KNEE JERK REACTION

    1. The only thing the ‘West’ don’t seem to understand is that these vile, awful attacks are, by the warped minded perpetrators seen as a kind of ‘eye for an eye’ revenge. We really have to come to terms with that and stop the random bombings killing what they see as their ‘own’; sit down a talk somehow. Without ‘talk’ nothing gets solved…please don’t think this a stereotypical rant, just words from the heart, Christy

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      1. I don’t ever think you are ranting, George. Instead I see that your words – both in the posts and in the comments – come from the heart. I am glad you are vocal as that is the way to change. xx

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