Brian, ‘The Don of The Sparrow Mafia’ wasn’t there at first. There were twenty or so of his mob flying from table to table trying to nick a few crumbs here and there, that’s all. Then, when he eventually showed up, all the other bloke sparrows did a runner and as ever his harem of girl sparrows took to the bushes and watched his every move.

As you can see from the picture Brian let me take his portrait. Nice touch, I thought. I seem to be getting on well with Brian. He didn’t even mind that I wasn’t sharing my croissant with him (I did leave him the crumbs when I left).

The thing was a rich looking well-padded Italian lady (she sounded Italian), not ‘old, old’ but certainly not young, wearing expensive sunglasses, smothered in jewellery and lipstick, was watching me take the picture and she asked what I was doing. The inside of my head answered, “Baking a cake, what does it look like I’m doing?” Being polite, I just pointed at the camera, then pointed at Brian. I whispered to Brian, “We don’t like her” and Brian nodded back.

She took a sip from a glass of what probably wasn’t diet lemonade, then she said, “You look so very, very worried.” My team, The Arsenal were playing Manchester City a bit later in the afternoon and I was worried they might lose again. It must have showed. Anyway, I replied, “I’m worried about Man City.” She replied, “MAN City, sounds like pure heaven to me, darling boy.” Scary stuff. Also, the way she emphasised the word, ‘MAN’ sounded predatory.  After that she gave me what I can only describe as a ‘knowing wink’ asking if I minded her moving across to my table.   That’s when I decided to escape.

Driving home I had the random thought that I should have said, ‘Manchester City’, not its commonly used shortened form ‘Man’ City, grateful that I’d avoided the old bird’s clutches.

This post is an update on the previous ‘Brian the Sparrow’ post; https://wordpress.com/post/zoolonaudio.wordpress.com/556

Time for a piece of music. Hope you enjoy.



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26 thoughts on “ZOOLON’S ESCAPE

  1. Brian is a proper chap! No wonder the lady sparrows like him. Perhaps the Italian lady was drawn by his manly presence also. You might have had a lucky escape, there. Also a city of men sounds alright, but I reckon if there was such a thing the men there might not be quite as interested in the Italian lady as she might hope. Also, cool website and that track there is great 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. That’s a good flaw in her thinking you’ve picked up on. At least the men of Man City wouldn’t have the living daylights scared out of them, or risk being scarred for life. Why me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A modern day equivalent of a pirate hat and a parrot on the shoulder. Perhaps Brian could sit on the hoodie? This must mean all my wildest dreams will at last come true – I can’t thank you enough.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I assure you, it is my pleasure. You seem like the sort of chap who deserves to have his wildest dreams come true. You and Brian, of course. Go forth and… be wild, young man!

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  2. Sounds quite predatory to me! It occurs to me that I haven’t been getting email alerts on your blogs. Maybe that I have to set it up…hopefully that’s all the issue is…off to check now. Also, will have to check back for lovely music as my work computer has no sound.

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  3. Brian is obviously not camera shy, what a handsome bird. George, I was laughing so hard, such a wonderful post and your description of the temptress is perfect, even building a bridge to your table, yikes! “Poem” is lovely. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. ~ Feather may need to protect Brian & Lightfoot licking his lips

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so scared, Feather. A man eater almost at my elbow. Fight or flee – I ran. Brian is a sparrow of no fear. He ignored her as if she didn’t exist. I think Brian could look after himself and that Rexie, wonderful, soon to be the cat of legend cat and being a philosopher type moggy wouldn’t even notice him.

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      1. Safety first, always. When in doubt run, but I believe there was no doubt here, laughing! I certainly hope your right about Rexie, I would be truly heartbroken it he ever even considered such a thing. ~ Feather & Rexie the Cat of Lore and Legend

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I did see Brian just the other day. He had lost weight. Having been offered a little toast by an American tourist, he was scoffing away nicely when a team of girl sparrows – my research shows that girl sparrows are promiscuous in the extreme during the mating season – came seeking his attentions. The last I saw of Brian was him flying off as fast as he could with the girl sparrows giving chase. Odd.

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